January 27, 2010

Here’s a report from the Atlantic about some Canadian’s who are bucking the law for the sake of their health and/or their pocketbook!  Well, I suppose I can’t say why they’re doing it.  But I know why I would!

First of all, as fellow Canadian Meghan points out (in this excellent little blog post), good eggs are incredibly healthful.  Second, most commercial eggs pop out of sick, deformed, mal-nourished hens, so their nutritional content is all but non-existent.  Third, those pitiful hens are indeed poorly treated.  And finally, happy eggs from happy hens (well-treated and pastured) are expensive and tedious to acquire!  I make a special trip to a farmers market in another municipality for my pastured eggs!

So in order to save money but get happy eggs from happy pastured hens, I would indeed consider raising my own chickens in my own backyard!

Unfortunately, my apartment building doesn’t even allow me to have cats right now.

But would I do it if it meant breaking the law?  Golly.  I can’t even see that bridge yet.  Would you?


September 9, 2009


Along with the loss of life and homes, this photo encompasses the reason I feel great sadness regarding the Station Fire.  As of this post, here’s the information from the incident report (note that the Est Containment Date has been pushed back one week!):

Basic Information

Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Arson
Date of Origin Wednesday August 26th, 2009 approx 03:30 PM
Location Los Angeles River Ranger District / Angeles National Forest
Incident Commander Dietrich / Fender

Current Situation

Total Personnel 4,497
Size 160,357 acres
Percent Contained 62%
Estimated Containment Date Tuesday September 15th, 2009 approx 06:00 PM


June 24, 2008

I love love love this You Tube video. I love the accented English. I love the explanation that this is a barn kitten’s first contact with humans. I love how he’s frozen, how he hisses quietly and how he moves his head slowly and deliberately.


June 4, 2008

…but I had to share this LOLCATZ pic…


May 8, 2008

This Panda Express ad has bothered me since I first saw it because I was summarily convinced that Pandas are herbivores.  But alas, according to this wiki entry, I’m only 99% right.


May 6, 2008

Hi friends. I’d like just like to remind us all about a little story that I think sheds a little light on life, liberty and the pursuit of cupcakes.

I was talking with Heidi today and referenced what I refer to as “The Elephant of Truth” and I thought it might be useful to post this lovely metaphor to remind us all that as flat as a pancake can be, it always has two sides (I love mixing metaphors).

Anyway, the story of the blind men and an elephant has always been a relevant one for me. And although it seems to have originated in Southern Asia, I believe it has relevance for our post-modern pseudo-urban community-deprived culture.

I looked up several versions of this old story and decided upon this one to quote here: Read the rest of this entry »


May 2, 2008

If it sounds like a news headline, it’s because it was news!  Today!

We heard the helicopters start circling about 9 AM.  Around 10 AM we left to go get some keys recut and the old Russian dudes that repair shoes near our place had the news on.  They told us that the four (4) helicopters that we saw were monitoring a mountain lion sighting not 0.10 miles from our apartment!

Mountain lion!?

We crossed the street, keeping a close eye to the West below where the “ghetto-birds” were circling, and entered S’work Coffee for some sweet nectar.  They were unaware of the situation and we did our neighbourly duty by informing the barista of the danger.  He didn’t take us too seriously.

We sat near the door for a while watching the copters circle.  Finally, we decided to chance the walk home.  Hours later, they called off the search, noting that it might have been a bobcat, not a mountain lion.

Life is exciting in the foothills!