June 27, 2007



June 27, 2007

So things are good in LaLaLand for Gilliebean and Fritch. He goes to work daily to wrestle with logos and little animated girls with large feet. I work on my script(s) and sometimes my lattes or other espresso beverages, but most often I’m in class just below this sign. Coming up very soon, I’ll be interning three days a week at a talent/literary agency! But other more exciting things are happening at Club Fritch

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June 26, 2007

My favourite chip brand – KETTLE – has developed a line of tortilla chips.

I just noticed on their bag that it says:

“Kettle Brand Tortilla Chips. Bringing people together one chip at a time.”

That’s nice.  I like that.  That’s a “brand” I can get behind. 🙂


June 26, 2007

Right after church on Sunday, Ryan said, “Let’s drive to San Diego!” So we did! FIRST, I wanted to take some photos at the school where we meet because I was inspired. You can see six of them on my flickr site (thanks Jazz!)! THEN, we left straight away for San Diego. Didn’t stop for gas, coffee, OR lunch! We hopped on the 10, then the 710, then the 5 and didn’t stop until we took the exit for Downtown SD.

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A Cafe Window

June 25, 2007

From A Cafe Window

Originally uploaded by fritchbeetle

This from a lovely little cafe near our apartment. There’s a great big table near the back. Ryan and I love it. Free internet, great lattes and Chocolate Mexicanos! Yum!


June 25, 2007 has a great little freeware program for screenwriting and scheduling. They also allow account holders to publish their pro-jects to “Celtx Pro-ject Central.”

The great thing about Celtx is…

…they are in Newfoundland!

Listen to the v/o on this video to hear a deliciously slight newfie accent.


June 25, 2007

HUH does stuff.

DUH says I’m not smart.