November 23, 2009

Came across this image recently. Had to share it.


August 12, 2009

Wednesday is grocery day.  Depending on the week, I get up early (earlier than normal) and trot to Trader Joe’s.  Sometimes I head to Whole Foods or Ralph’s if necessary.  If I’m really good, I’ll make it to my local farmers’ market.  At Trader Joe’s, I typically purchase organic and local (if available).  I also try to avoid products with stuff in them I can’t pronounce (and some stuff that I can but I want to avoid).  Trader Joe’s has lots of options.

One reason why I can’t get into the habit of going to the local farmers’ markets and I’m reluctant to join a CSA (or something similar) is because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my weekly grocery trip.  When I lived in Vancouver, I signed up for a Local Organic Food Delivery Service.  Every two weeks, my basket of local, organic foods would show up at my studio apartment’s door.  But I often found myself at the grocery store on a weekly basis (often oftener), to pick up this or that.  I missed the shopping!

When I get home from my shopping trip, I have a routine.  I call Ryan from about 2 minutes away and have him (and Justin or “the intern”) come out to help me bring in the bags.  I usually have four heavy bags.  Once they’re inside, I move all the food from the bags to the counters.  Then I move them from the counters to the fridge, freezer, and cupboards.

In that lovely middle space, when the food is sitting on the counters, I like to take a brief moment to admire my bounty.  It’s usually subconscious and lasts only a few subtle seconds.  But for those brief seconds I feel somewhat like a hero coming home from a successful battle.  I enjoy the visual luxuriousness of all my spoils (yet unspoilt) spread out before me on my counter.

A while back, Time Magazine had a photo essay called What the World Eats.  It was a look at other people’s bounty on dinner tables from around the globe.  The photographs were by Peter Menzel.  I found this photo essay fascinating and enlightening.  A friend commented that he was going to buy stock in Coca-cola because of the number of photos that included the nasty stuff!  Some of those families could have made use of a good nutritionist.

Speaking of, I’m participating in the Primal Health Challenge hosted by Mark Sisson and his Worker Bees over at Mark’s Daily Apple.  The challenge has daily contests from big prizes to little ones.  One of his contests is called “Show Us Your Groceries.”   Mark found Time Magazine’s photo essay just as interesting as I did.  And he wants to see what his online community is eating!

I had wanted to shoot this photo when I first saw the Time Magazine’s photo essay but Mark is offering an opportunity to win 5lbs of fresh Kenai River Sockeye Salmon overnighted to my home!  I’m so down with that!

And today is grocery day!!  So once I got home, I put all the groceries on the counter like I normally do.  But this time I arranged them so that they all faced one direction.  I pulled stuff out of the cupboards and snatched stuff from the freezer and the fridge.  I pulled Ryan away from his work (for only 2 minutes, Justin!) and set up the timer on my Nikon D70.

What’s pictured here is more than a week’s worth of groceries.  But you get the idea!

Team Fritch's Groceries

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Any comments or questions?


February 9, 2009

I’d like to be a meaningful specific too.  Except that I’ve always been kind of a Gill of all Trades.  And I’ve taken that identity very seriously.

In this recent video shot at TED (I think), Seth Godin (I read his blog daily) is interviewed about his statement that “everybody needs a tribe” – which is not exactly what he said, but they interviewed him about it nonetheless.  He’s basically pontificating in the delightful Seth Godin way about the 1000 true fans rule.

The interviewer goes on to ask him why he’s not on Twitter.  And since I’m not on twitter (and have recently been feeling like perhaps I should be, but then decided to let that wave pass), I was interested to hear Seth’s reasons.  Go to about 9:00 minutes in to hear what Seth has to say about Twitter from his lips.  But here’s my take…

Basically, he says that he’s becoming the best at being who he is: really good at writing/blogging about marketing.  And he emails.  He prefers personal private meaningful conversation as opposed to thousands of anonymous people yelling at him (aka Twitter).  At one point he says that if he tried to bake, and do photography, and all these things, he’d become a “wandering generality instead of meaningful specific.

This hit home.  I’ve been struggling with wanting to be a writer, producer, director, actor, voice actor, photographer, graphic designer and whatever else struck my fancy.  And consequently I’ve been concerned with becoming a wandering generality.  So, I’ve narrowed it down.

I’ve cut photography.

It’ll still be a hobby, but I’m not going to try and be a photographer.  I’m not going to try and earn money at it.

What then is my meaningful specific?  I’m a storyteller. That’s why I loved photography.  I loved telling a story though the pictures.  And I do love beautiful pictures!  But I’m a storyteller.  As a writer, as a director, as a performer, I’m a storyteller.  So while, it may seem like I’m still a wandering generality because I’m not narrowing my focus between writing and acting or producing and directing, I’ve convinced myself that I’m a meaningful specific, because I’m a storyteller and I use whatever path or medium I’m inspired to use to tell stories.  And that’s okay.

I’m a storyteller.  And I take that identity very seriously.


June 9, 2008

Ryan sent me a link to this motionographer post a while ago and I hadn’t looked at it until last night.  This photographer’s work is amazing!  Lori Nix.  She builds dioramas.  Very very cool…

Also, if you like motion graphics in the least bit (or 3D stuff) you NEED to check out motionographer.


April 10, 2008

This is Valentina Pozzoli.  She has a beautiful heart and is a wonderful friend.  I took some photos of her recently.  This one was my favourite.


February 6, 2008

I shot a friend’s headshots last week. It was super fun!

Because of the time I spent at Bicoastal Talent & Literary Agency, I’ve got an idea of what theatrical and commercial agents are looking for. So I was able to combine that with my photography and the camera that I’m trying out (a Nikon D70 – thanks Terry!) in order to capture four different looks!

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December 5, 2007

Or St. John’s as the atlas would have it.

A beautiful December morning.

Sin Jawn’s Morning

My mother sent me this photo. Unfortunately I have no idea who took it. Lovely though, isn’t it?


November 26, 2007

dot org!

I saw this banner ad on an industry job site while job hunting…  a strange place for a unique contest.


October 2, 2007

Photos are up!

Here’s a few select ones to wet your appetite…

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August 12, 2007

Ryan had heard of this before.  I hadn’t…

Both of these dudes photograph themselves daily and have done so for years!



Now that’s dedication…

9:41 PM OR AM?

July 5, 2007

Dave Barry posted this on his blog today. The last page tells the story of how some TechRepublic dudes were very worried that they’d voided the warranty on an $800 dollar toy! Or at the very lease, ruined their reputation.

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June 26, 2007

Right after church on Sunday, Ryan said, “Let’s drive to San Diego!” So we did! FIRST, I wanted to take some photos at the school where we meet because I was inspired. You can see six of them on my flickr site (thanks Jazz!)! THEN, we left straight away for San Diego. Didn’t stop for gas, coffee, OR lunch! We hopped on the 10, then the 710, then the 5 and didn’t stop until we took the exit for Downtown SD.

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May 21, 2007

Okay! I’ve been trying for hours, nearly days, to somehow get a slideshow from my up on this blog! I managed to get the little widget you see down to the right. That will update each time I put a new photo on my pages.

Speaking of posting new photos, I’ve added a TON of photos to my pages. And…