My birth story (or rather, the story of my daughter’s birth) is almost ready. It’s not a work of art, but the point is for it to accurately reflect my physical and emotional experience. It should be posted with in the week or so.


I’m still feeling that “horse-kick-in-the-crotch.” I feel like my abs are still working their way back into position. I haven’t been doing much ab-work. My midwife suggested that I do cat-cows, but I haven’t done them many times. Running is still a little loosey-goosey. But each day that I wake up after a workout (even as short as they are), I do feel better. Tighter, even.


She is growing and maturing by leaps and bounds! She’s making sustained eye contact and laughed her first laugh this week! And she is sleeping from about midnight until 10 am with only two awakenings for nursing. She’s been doing that for about one week now. So amazing that she actually goes back to sleep at night after she’s nursed! And she’s put herself to sleep several times this week. I’m so proud. She’s not wonderful at taking nice long naps during the day yet, so I don’t get daytime naps either; but I’m not complaining too much since she’s started sleeping at night!

She did develop cradle cap this week, but it looks like it’s resolving quickly. I put some coconut oil on her leg to test to see if there would be a reaction. So far nothing. If there’s still nothing tomorrow, I’m going to try to relieve the cradle cap with coconut oil. Everyone says to use olive oil and that’s all well and good, but I like coconut oil better, if she can tolerate it.

Her baby acne has all but cleared up. Yay!

A few other mothers held her this week and commented on how strong she is. Again, me = proud momma. πŸ˜‰


Tuesday, May 22
0.75 mile walk with baby in ERGO

Wednesday, May 23
21 KB swings 15#
10 R-arm barbell snatches 25#
10 L-arm barbell snatches 25#
15 KB swings 15#
20 good mornings 15#
9 KB swings 15#

Friday, May 25
30-40 minutes of easy basketball shooting

Sunday, May 27
Quick walk around the block, baby-wearing

I’m looking forward to starting back at CrossFit this week. I’ll start slow; I promise!

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