June 6, 2008

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Uso para: metodo tradicional. Cafeteira eletrica e cafeteira italiana.

We were given some Brazilian coffee for Ryan’s birthday…

(Just for reference, if you give either of us coffee, it’s for both of us. It just is.).

So Ryan was given some pre-ground Brazilian coffee for his birthday. We put it in the freezer before we went to the East Coast two weeks ago, and I took it out yesterday to thaw.

(Again, for reference, you should only put coffee in the freezer like you put fish or other fleshy foods. Don’t keep taking it out and putting it back in. You’ll bleach the flavour from the coffee and it’ll no better than hot black water once you brew it.)

So this morning, Ryan was asking me where the coffee filters are… We typically use the French press or make espresso-drinks, so for him to be asking where the filters are was kinda odd. Then I remembered the Brazilian coffee. I hopped up to check the grind. Ryan was right, it was definitely too fine for French press, but it almost seemed too fine for a perc. So I suggested that he try making a shot with it. Espresso. He was nervous, but he tried. Besides, we were out of filters anyway.

The whole package was in Brazilian… ahem, Portuguese. So trotted over to my brand-spankin’ new hand-me-down 15″ PowerBook G4 and typed in and lo and behold, Yahoo has acquired Babelfish! It looks the same and works the same, it’s just couched in Yahoo-ness.

And I translated the Portuguese text. It was all in Portuguese so it took some time to find the right text to translate. It read thusly:

Use stops: traditional method. Electric coffee pot and Italian coffee pot.

What? Use for either? Electric or Italian? A quick Google reveals that in Brazil, they are “traditionally” the same thing.

So Ryan made his espresso with our American-Italian coffee maker. A Breville. It was actually pretty good! I’d wimped out and used our decaf whole beans.


May 6, 2008

Hi friends. I’d like just like to remind us all about a little story that I think sheds a little light on life, liberty and the pursuit of cupcakes.

I was talking with Heidi today and referenced what I refer to as “The Elephant of Truth” and I thought it might be useful to post this lovely metaphor to remind us all that as flat as a pancake can be, it always has two sides (I love mixing metaphors).

Anyway, the story of the blind men and an elephant has always been a relevant one for me. And although it seems to have originated in Southern Asia, I believe it has relevance for our post-modern pseudo-urban community-deprived culture.

I looked up several versions of this old story and decided upon this one to quote here: Read the rest of this entry »


March 5, 2008



January 9, 2008

I loved LEGOS as a kid…  Still do.

But here’s something to which Lego Meniac’s can graduate!

An educational toy!  Thanks to Darren.


December 19, 2007

If you live in SoCal, on December 20th, bring your own bag…

LA residents use 6 BILLION plastic grocery bags each year and only recycle 5% -the remainder ends up in the ocean and landfills. It costs us 14 cents to collect and dispose of each plastic bag.


Thanks to Marilee!

This is actually something that both Ryan and I do on a regular basis. If I pick up a few small things at the store, I’ll just stick them in my purse (after paying of course), instead of using a bag. If it’s one large thing, I’ll just carry it, instead of get an awkward bag. We bring reusable vinyl bags to the grocery store and when we forget those, we make sure they stuff as much into each bag as possible and we ask them not to double bag. Ideas…


October 4, 2007

Check this out!  One laptop per child.  This is really neat.  Starting November 1st, you can spend a measily $400 and get a cool little kiddie laptop for yourself, your puppy or your neighbour’s kid, and the company will send another laptop to a child in some developing country.  I think it’s neat.  So does my friend Darren.

Forget the career…

September 28, 2007

…his LIFE just might be jumping the shark…


September 27, 2007

A moment of silence.

Note: I didn’t know how to write this post without laughing; but I think he would have wanted it that way…


September 21, 2007

Re-born in 1976, the Canadian dollar has finally reach maturity. Now it can play with the big boys!

I think I’m proud. Ryan and I are trying to figure out how to work this to our financial advantage. I still have Canadian bank accounts.


September 20, 2007

I think it’s most interesting that in today’s word of  Kyla and Twitney that we also have people like this  who are  so  devoted!

My friend Darren found it first.


August 27, 2007

I personally believe that highlights in her Asian countries, like Iraq, would better support our brain over here in the USA Americas.

Blogged by bloggers around the world…


August 26, 2007

Just watched the trailer for Lions for Lambs with Ryan. My first reaction was “They are capitalizing on the current social and global situation! How dare they!?” But then I remembered how many well-intentioned theatre artists have lamented the fact that plays which deal with social issues – plays that are social commentary – do not typically get bums in seats. So let’s capitalize on Tom Cruise to raise social issues in the minds of the general movie-going public! Great idea.

Ryan’s reaction was, “It just seems so heavy-handed!” To which I replied, “But an artist, if he’s being an honest artist, is incapable of being objective.” And I really think so. An honest artist has to write-produce-create from a place of subjectivity. You might say, “A producer should be objective!” But a producer is an artist too! “Well, then, the studio should be objective! It’s a corporate entity!” But the studio is operating in an artistic medium!

Frankly, I think the studios, producers, directors, screenwriters, filmmakers responsibility is NOT to be objective or to raise objective questions. Perhaps we could make that argument of documentarians (Mike Moore might disagree), but I strongly defend the artist’s right to react honestly to the world as he see it – whether that artist is a student filmmaker, a community theatre cat, or a studio producer.

Whatever brings the social issues of the day to the forefront of the minds of the general movie-going public is a good thing, right?

Watch the trailer. What do you think?


August 22, 2007

Ben Stein is bad to the bone.  And he just got…


I actually worked with these guys back in December.  I ADed the shoot for their promo trailer (not on the website; it was used for fundraising).

The movie’s coming out in February 2008!


August 19, 2007

The more you know, the more you’re as confused as I am.

These people are enraged.

Can we trust WiKi to be impartial?


August 12, 2007

I used to joke that it’d be impossible for it to flood in Newfoundland; how can you flood a rock?  But I was wrong…  very wrong.

Tropical storm Chantal wreaked havoc.

Several members of my extended family have lost crops.

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How to Get Health Insurance

August 6, 2007

Start a Blog.


August 5, 2007

“Saving energy one search at a time.”

About Blackle.

Also, did you know you can use MS Word with a blue background?

Here’s how.


July 17, 2007

I got this fwd in my inbox the other day from my friend in Texas.  It makes perfect sense that a Texan would forward this email en masse.  And the facts, assuming they are true, are truly outrageous and urge me, against all sense, to go and buy myself a gun.  That’s what makes the least sense of all.  In fact, I just can’t make sense of it…

Here it is:

  • In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. Read the rest of this entry »


July 11, 2007

A lot of people tell us details about the atrocities in Africa. They focus on this girl who has lost her parents or that boy with the injuries and burns. 400,000 people have died. While these individuals are important, valuable, and worth helping (just like the turtle on the beach), sometimes it’s important to see the whole picture. This article by our friend Joe Cinocca sheds light on the web of reality that is directly affecting the situation in Darfur.

More info about the Darfur Conflict (aka genocide).

What you can do