So here we are! Three months!

Several mommy-friends said that at about 3 months I’d start to feel like myself again. A few said it would be sudden. Others said, it’s gradual. For me, I’ve had a few minor realizations that all add up to a gradual “feeling like myself.” I feel like I’m digging myself out of a hole. A hole made up of a mix of culture shock and sleep deprivation.

But BOY do I have the best hole-partner!

Olivia is an absolutely JOY! She’s is fun, spunky, giggly, and cute-as-all-get-out! She snatches my heart everyday. Even on the worse days when she’s overtired and crying and I’m at my wits end. She’ll surprise me with a smile or a giggle and my day is made.

I’m still dealing with my abs not being back to normal. I’ve still got my dark line; so my understanding is that I’ve still got the pregnancy hormone relaxin floating around in my body. And I’m blaming that for the mild aches and pains I’m still having in my pubis ย symphysis. I haven’t tried running in a while so I’m not sure if those ligaments are still loose. We’ll see…

I found my placenta still frozen in my freezer. I’m thinking about having it encapsulated…


This week Olivia did so many new things! She grasped a rattle for the first time. She kicked both legs at the same time – coordination! She reached for a toy! She’s been batting at the toys for a while, but this time she REACHED for one of them! She’s been bringing her hands together to play with them and look at them and suck on them. It’s amazing how these seemingly little things are just so awesome to me!

Olivia is talking up a storm! It’s so fun. She loves to practice all her new sounds and it seems like daily she’s discovered a new sound.

Also, we had our 3 month doctor’s appointment today! We got lots of feedback and answers for our questions about sleep. Our paediatricians (Tribeca Pediatrics) recommend the “extinction method” of sleep training. We haven’t been bold enough yet to try it, and Olivia is sleeping pretty well from about 9 pm until 5 or 6 am. Sometimes in the morning, she goes back to sleep right away (after nursing); sometimes she stays awake and takes her morning nap (usually 1-2 hours) about 90 minutes after waking. Mommy naps then too. Whew!

Her three month stats: 25.3 inches (>97%) and 13 lb 11 oz (82%).

My looong baby is already wearing 6 mo clothes. The doc actually referred to her today as a 4-month-old when we were talking about sleep. She’s tall!


Monday, June 9 –ย 100 KB Swings 15#

Tuesday, June 10 – 1.5 mile walk

Wednesday, June 11 – 100 each arm KB high pull 15#

Thursday, June 12 – rest

Friday, June 13 – 50 KB high pulls 25#, 0.75 mile walk

Saturday, June 14 – 2000m row in 9:19 (8 seconds off my PR!), Grace @ 55# in 7:05

My previous Grace attempt was at 18 weeks preggie and I used the same weight; but I finished in 4:21. For this attempt, I think I was too gassed from the 2K row. That and lack of sleep. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Here’s a photo!

Olivia at 12.5 weeks and Guard Kitty.

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