So, my husband and I have used this blog for many things:

  1. posts about film
  2. posts about ORU
  3. posts about food (mostly paleo / primal)
  4. posts about fitness (ie my brief love affair with long distance running)
But now I’m going to commandeer the blog for the next few months [August 2011 to April 2012] to blog exclusively about…

My pregnancy!!

Gilliebean, at 28 Weeks Preggie!

But this is a unique pregnancy blog. For a unique kind of woman.

Most of you know that I’ve been eating mostly primal / paleo for about 2 and a half years now. Well, to add to that, my husband and I joined a Crossfit gym in February 2011 and we love it! Finally, I’m planning a home-birth with a midwife.

So for the next few months, this blog will be focused on paleo, primal, pregnant crossfitting moms who are planning natural births! I will upload all my workouts that I’ve done since I first found out that I’m pregnant and I will outline the symptoms that I’ve been feeling each week. I may talk a little about supplements I’m taking and other choices that I’ll have to make (vaccines, cribs, co-sleepers, cloth or disposable diapers). But mostly, it’ll be about being a paleo, pregnant crossfitter.

I hope you enjoy!

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