So after working to improve my macronutrient ratios, I’ve felt less squishy. Yay! I’m not weighing myself because that gets me too neurotic. But I do fit into my early pregnancy jeans.

Still hurting in the “pubic symphysis” on occasion – when I lay on my side for two long. I’m guessing that’s because it puts pressure on the top of my hip bones and pulls them apart at the bottom. I’m taking arnica still – at the recommendation of my midwife.


She’s been “sleeping through the night” according to the textbook definition since June 1st. That’s just shy of seven weeks. She’s still sleeping most of her naps before noon. I wonder when her cycle will rotate backward to 8pm to 8am or even 6pm to 6am? Or do I have to help her with that?

Hubby and I moved back into our own room on Friday night. It was emotionally difficult but we ALL got better sleep. She awoke at the same time as she usually does (between 5 and 6 am) and fell back asleep immediately after nursing. We’ll see how the next few weeks go re sleep. I’m going to continue to try to get outside each day. She seems to sleep better at night after a day in which we’ve been outside.

Everyone says that she’s tall for her age and so much more alert than they’d expect for a 2 month old! We don’t have anyone to compare her to; so we are just delighted with the little person she is! She’s found her fist to suck on. She smiles socially at strangers. She’s mostly content when she’s not hungry and if we put her in her crib when she yawns, she puts herself to sleep. Yay happy baby!

The cradle cap is about 2/3 resolved.


Wednesday, June 13

Here’s the WOD:

  • 5 Rounds of: 40 Yard Sprint; 45 seconds rest between efforts
  • (20 Minute Cap) Ascending Ladder from 1-10 of: Muscle Ups/Cleans (165/115)
Here’s what I did…
  • 4×40 yard sprints => 9, 9, 10, 9 seconds

I still have soreness in my ligaments. Makes quick leg turnover difficult. When I was 5 weeks preggie, I did a 40 yard sprint at 6.49. I could go faster than 9 seconds now if my ligaments weren’t hurting while I run. Perhaps I shouldn’t run until they’re better? But how will I know when they’re better if I’m not running (since that’s the only time they hurt)?

  • 1-5 ascending ladder of: muscle up progression / power cleans @ 75# => 14:35

For the muscle-up progression I did three ring dips with the blue band and three slightly jumping pull ups with the bar. Strangely, jumping hurts. Hurts the pelvic area.

I scaled the WOD because I had to get home to baby.

I really do think both of these things I’m dealing with (1. pelvic ligaments and 2. pelvic cartilage) are injuries from labour and not from having done CrossFit until 38 weeks.

Saturday, June 16

Here’s the WOD:

  • CrossFit Regionals Event 2! For Time: Row 2K/50 Pistols alternating legs/30 Hang Clean (225/135) (scale as needed)
  • GHD Back Extension- 15/15/15/15
  • Strict Knees to Elbows- 10/10/10/10
  • 3 Rounds of: Max Effort Plank; 1 minute rest between efforts

Here’s what I did…

  • FT: Row 2000m (9:10.5) / 50 Pistols alternating legs w/ heavy band / 30 Hang Clean (55) => 23:20

I PR’d on the row portion. My previous 2K row was 9:55 one year ago! 🙂

I used to be GOOD at cleans. Since giving birth (and being off for 10 weeks), they have gotten difficult.

And then I took my time with a scratch of the other stuff…

  • Mod planks => 30, 30 seconds
  • GHD Back Extension => 15, 15 (I nearly puked up my breakfast)
  • Grip strength => 7, 5, 7, 10, 10 seconds

After not doing pull ups or knees to elbows for MONTHS, my grip strength is shot. Those cross fitting women who had pull-ups, or K2E, before getting pregnant were likely able to keep doing them while pregnant. I, however, didn’t have any such thing and consequently, I did fewer pull-ups and K2E so my grip strength weakened. Ugh.

I’ll work on it.


Here’s a family photo!

Our new family! Olivia at 2 months old!

And here’s a few of just Olivia. 🙂

Olivia at 2 months!

Olivia at 2 months!

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