Can you believe that it’s been four weeks already? They say that once you’re a parent, the days are slow but the years are fast. So true.

Olivia Grace at 3.5 weeks!

I’ve been feeling so much better this week thanks to my wonderful amazing mother who, since last Monday, has taken the “night shift!!” Last Monday I tried hand expressing some milk and feeding it too Olivia via a bottle. She took to it like a champ! So then I tried the pump for the first time. Worked great! So for most of the week I pumped extra milk for my mother to do the feedings at night! And all this week, I’ve been getting sleep! What a mother’s day gift!! It’s been awesome. Momma goes home today. And tonight I will be back on 24/7 duty. πŸ˜‰

Another reason I tried the pump is because my one nipple still had a crack that hasn’t healed. Using the pump on that boob for a few days for the nighttime milk, and feeding the babe with the other boob all day, helped that crack heal! Yay!

Speaking of sleep, Olivia is still flying way under the radar, averaging only about 11 hours per day. We did begin to notice a pattern emerging. She’s awake from midnight until about 2 am. Then she’ll sleep pretty well from 2 am until 6 am. Nurse. Then she’ll sleep from 6:30 am until about 9:30 or 10 am. The she kinda follows a three-hour eat, wake, sleep routine until 8 pm when she likes to cluster feed until midnight. And repeat. I’m hoping that her melatonin comes in soon so that she can figure out when nighttime is! Perhaps we can shift this whole routine to sleep from 10 to 6? Rather than 2 to 10? She’s still only 4 weeks old… I guess we’ve got a few weeks yet for that.

As for me, getting sleep has helped both my emotions and my body. I’m feeling less empty. I’m feeling so much stronger in fact that I’ve asked my midwife how she felt about me exercising again. She asked what kind of exercise I was thinking about. I said, sprints and kettle bells. She gave me the green light! Yay! I haven’t started yet. This past week I’ve still just walked. I even walked 1.5 miles on Friday while carrying the babe in the Ergo. I felt extra tired after we got home but glad I did it. Slowly. We’ll see how I handle the sprints and kettle bells this coming week. I’m still getting a little lightheaded a few times a day, and walking up the stairs to our apartment leaves me feeling breathless, but less so than before. I’m still shedding lochia; but it stopped being bloody. So that’s nice.

I’m way more thirsty than normal. Than ever. And it’s been a challenge to stay hydrated! I’m drinking twice as much as I drank during the pregnancy and still I am thirsty! Gotta start to use a bigger bottle!

For the most part I’m eating primal. Yesterday, Mothers’ Day, I threw it all out the window and ate a cinnamon bun, an English muffin (under the hollandaise sauce, poached egg, and smoked salmon), and a homemade apple tart. Got a headache. So this week I’ll be back to only cheating with rice and organic corn. I do find that I need my easy carb sources, just like in pregnancy.

UPDATE: Ryan, my dear husband, took Olivia for a while when he got home and I was able to get outside for my first attempt at “sprints.” Yay! Well, let me tell you, it was harder than I thought it would be. I still feel loosey-goosey. My ligaments around my hips feel like they’ve still got some tightening to do and my abs feel like they’re still figuring out that I’m not pregnant anymore. But other than than, four sprints, the length of a New York city block, were fine. I didn’t run super fast, but I ran. The tiredness that I feel is reasonable. Doesn’t seem to be too bad. When I came inside, I did 100 kettle bell swings (4×25). That felt totally fine. Nothing seemed physically out of place. And it seemed like an appropriate amount of effort. So there you go, my first workout!

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