This is a series on being a pregnant paleo/primal Crossfitter. I found out that I was pregnant in August 2011. My due date is in April 2012. I post each week about my Crossfit workouts, what I’m eating and various pregnancy symptoms. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it; but you can use my blog as research for your own prescription!

I recommend checking out a few other blogs of women who are paleo and pregnant, or crossfitting and pregnant or both! Here’s a few favs: One Fit Mom, Joyful Abode, and Fitness Editor Blog.


At 35 weeks plus one day, I had another midwife appointment. The babe is still head down on his or her side. I’m glad s/he’s in a good position for labour and seems to prefer that position. I’m also expecting a little squishy-face because of it. My fundal height was good – 35 cm! My babe’s heart rate was good – in the 140s! And my blood pressure was good – 106/60. Woot!

I’m getting at least one non-exercise-induced Braxton Hicks contraction per day. At first they hurt, but now I’m just relaxing into them and enjoying the wave of energy. Yes, enjoying. I’m hopeful that this will prove to be good practice.

As my belly has gotten bigger (in the last week), lying on my side has gotten slightly less painful; because the belly requires less support. Also, I think my mattress is sagging, so that helps…? Thankfully I haven’t had any crazy swelling in my ankles or legs. Just mild stuff that comes and goes based upon my activity level. More active = less swelling!

Pregnancy forgetfulness, distractedness, and clumsiness has mildly increased this week. I’m starting to let go of a few responsibilities so that I can avoid making any embarrassing mistakes. 😉


I told my midwife that I just didn’t feel right about taking the Evening Primrose Oil and she was fine with that. I’ve been craving Clementines and so I eat about 2 or 3 of those per day. They are in season. I’m still eating mostly gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb primal. I eat dairy; so I can’t really call it paleo. I’m still eating high-fat nutrient-dense real foods. I’m taking enzymes, probiotics, and vitamin C and D. I ran out of my Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil capsules. I still need to order more!


March 8, 2012

Today I walked 1/2 mile briskly. That is all.

March 9, 2012

So I couldn’t help myself. I showed up to do a preggie-version of WOD 12.3.

My warm-up was 3 minutes of baby burpees (which are jumping air squats and a wall push-up) and about 10 or 15 pull-ups with the green band.

I modified the WOD this way…

1. 15″ box steps instead of 20″ box jumps
2. 45# instead of 75#
3. standing “front kicks” instead of toes-to-bar

=> 7 rounds + 15 box steps + 9 push press

…for a total of 276!

I felt good and strong. Perhaps because of several days of rest.

March 10, 2012

Saturday! I was lazy for most of the day and then just before dinner decided it’d be good to do *something*! So I decided to do four (4) tabatas.

  • Tabata 1: KB Swings (American-style) at 15# => about 80
  • Tabata 2: Good-mornings at 15# => about 80
  • Tabata 3: Goblet Squats at 15# => about 80
  • Tabata 4: Pelvic Tilt Holds (no count)

There. Sweaty pregnant lady did 16 minutes of stuff.


Here’s a picture of me at 35 weeks in a giant brown coat! I think I look like the brown M&M.

Gilliebean, at 35 Weeks Preggie!

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