May 30, 2008

Once upon a time, a squirrel was trying to establish a home in a tree in the middle of the urban sprawl of the city of Los Angeles. It was a simple tree in the simple garden courtyard of a simple apartment complex; but the task was not simple.

As the squirrel tried to move in his belongings, he discovered a whirring of activity around his head. And this whirring would not stop! He couldn’t tell where it was coming from! Here! There! It seemed to come from everywhere! He looked down to the earth and there lay a gray tabbycat, who was watching with earnest amusement.  The squirrel quickly realized that this cat was not watching him, but the whirring of activity that buzzed around his head!

He yelled, “Who are you!? Get away!” And darted around and around to try a get a look at the blur that bothered him. “I’m trying to move in! Stop bothering me!”

As he darted around the tree, he tried to make out the thing that was whirring by him, darting here and there. It stopped directly in front of him and hovered in the air.

A hummingbird.

“You are messing up my home,” the hummingbird clearly stated.

“What?!” the squirrel incredulously retorted. “Your home?! I found it. It’s empty and I’m moving my stuff in!”

“It’s not empty. It’s my home,” the hummingbird calmly announced and continued to annoyingly buzz around his head.

“No! Stop! Stop annoying me!” barked the squirrel! “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Neighbours in the boxy trees began to stair out of their glassed holes.

Down below the cat evenly trotted away, content to know that the hummingbird would be around for a while, but still wanting to get out of the irate squirrel’s path.

The squirrel ran up and down the tree snapping at the tiny bird, “This is my new home! I’m moving in. You can’t stop me!” while the bird continued to dart around the squirrel’s head, here and there, until it noticed a particularly juicy-looking purple flower across the garden.

After refueling, it darted away.

The squirrel was left in utter frustration and confusion. Frozen upsidedown halfway up the truck of what it thought was it’s new tree, he waited. He wasn’t sure whether he was waiting for the hummingbird, or the cat, or a nice nut to fall… but he waited. It was early yet, he had all day to move in.


May 18, 2008

We moved four weeks ago.  Here’s some pics of our new place!


May 14, 2008

Ever hear that phrase?  “He was reading my mail!” or “You totally read my mail!”

Today, Phil Cooke read my mail.


May 12, 2008

“I could never run 10 whole miles!” I said to my then roomie, Dianne, almost two years ago, as she was on her way out the door for a long run. At the time, she’d completed 8 marathons and was working her way to 10. I looked at her with admiration and fear. This tall, slender protein-eating beauty was a running machine! I feared her endurance and I was in awe of her aerobic capacity, the likes of which I was sure that I’d never be able to match.

I was a kickboxer. Mixed martial arts. We hit things. We learn speed and power in a shorter distance than even sprinting. Even though thoughts of Rocky brings up images of running in place at the top of a long flight of stairs, most kickboxers are not great runners. We hop around in place and flail our arms and legs (hopefully with precision!) and while aerobic capacity is necessary for a 90 minute black belt class followed by 45 minutes of sparring, it just doesn’t seem to require the same “lung muscles.” Or so I thought…

But I just finished a 10 mile run! In 2 hours and 4 minutes (in case anyone was interested)!

It’s not my first. I’ve run at least ten miles at least three times by now. I guess that means today was my fourth attempt at at least ten miles. Strange to think that it’s only my fourth attempt because it felt so good. I was able to get through 8 whole miles without soreness and the soreness that came at mile 9 was expected and even welcome! It means my training is effective!

So as a good friend once reiterated to me, “Never say never.” You don’t know what you’re capable of accomplishing, unless you try.


May 8, 2008

This Panda Express ad has bothered me since I first saw it because I was summarily convinced that Pandas are herbivores.  But alas, according to this wiki entry, I’m only 99% right.


May 7, 2008

is my friend Di’s life.


May 6, 2008

Hi friends. I’d like just like to remind us all about a little story that I think sheds a little light on life, liberty and the pursuit of cupcakes.

I was talking with Heidi today and referenced what I refer to as “The Elephant of Truth” and I thought it might be useful to post this lovely metaphor to remind us all that as flat as a pancake can be, it always has two sides (I love mixing metaphors).

Anyway, the story of the blind men and an elephant has always been a relevant one for me. And although it seems to have originated in Southern Asia, I believe it has relevance for our post-modern pseudo-urban community-deprived culture.

I looked up several versions of this old story and decided upon this one to quote here: Read the rest of this entry »

Abortion as Art

May 3, 2008

Our friend & film critic Brett McCracken has a fascinating write-up about some absurd happenings at Yale here.

*sigh*  Relativism continues to take its toll on the noble traditions of both reason and art.


May 2, 2008

If it sounds like a news headline, it’s because it was news!  Today!

We heard the helicopters start circling about 9 AM.  Around 10 AM we left to go get some keys recut and the old Russian dudes that repair shoes near our place had the news on.  They told us that the four (4) helicopters that we saw were monitoring a mountain lion sighting not 0.10 miles from our apartment!

Mountain lion!?

We crossed the street, keeping a close eye to the West below where the “ghetto-birds” were circling, and entered S’work Coffee for some sweet nectar.  They were unaware of the situation and we did our neighbourly duty by informing the barista of the danger.  He didn’t take us too seriously.

We sat near the door for a while watching the copters circle.  Finally, we decided to chance the walk home.  Hours later, they called off the search, noting that it might have been a bobcat, not a mountain lion.

Life is exciting in the foothills!