December 21, 2007

Institute modern standards of accountability?  You’re crazy!

Key quotes: “The proposal will focus on accepted twenty-first century shared governance principles. To help develop this proposal, the Green family has retained several nationally renowned experts in Christian higher education.”

The American Federation of Teachers describes shared governance as an administrative model “under which college faculty and staff participate in significant decisions concerning the operation of their institutions.” 

Thanks to Phil Cooke.

P.S.  Jesse Duplantis has stepped down from the ORU board.


December 19, 2007

If you live in SoCal, on December 20th, bring your own bag…

LA residents use 6 BILLION plastic grocery bags each year and only recycle 5% -the remainder ends up in the ocean and landfills. It costs us 14 cents to collect and dispose of each plastic bag.


Thanks to Marilee!

This is actually something that both Ryan and I do on a regular basis. If I pick up a few small things at the store, I’ll just stick them in my purse (after paying of course), instead of using a bag. If it’s one large thing, I’ll just carry it, instead of get an awkward bag. We bring reusable vinyl bags to the grocery store and when we forget those, we make sure they stuff as much into each bag as possible and we ask them not to double bag. Ideas…


December 17, 2007

My momma sent me this pic today of their backyard.   It’s a very different scene than MY backyard.

Winter in Ontario

But Ryan and I built a mountain out of fake snow and a tunnel and then we ran a train through it. Oh! And the whole thing surrounds our happy little three-foot fake Christmas tree. So it’s our little winter wonderland in Hollywoodland. Here’s a pic…


And another…



December 17, 2007

Yup.  I did it.  I ran 10 miles.  In fact, we went a little farther and did 11 miles… just because.  Well, because we accidentally took a wrong turn but that’s another story.  The point is, I did it.  And now it feels accomplishable.

My running mates are deciding whether we should continue on a half-marathon training pace or up the pace to a full-marathon training.  I think my feet wish to continue on half-marathon pace.  I might need new shoes.  Or new inserts.  Something.  11 miles of pounding certainly takes its toll!

This time we were joined by one of the faculty/staff members of Act One and he chose the route.  It took us by Warner Bros, Disney, the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, and of course, through Griffith Park and down Forest Lawn.  It was a lovely run and we saw several other training groups out.  As we past them (going the opposite direction), we would all wave at each other.  I enjoyed the solidarity.

And I enjoy running.  I’m starting to think I’m affected.


December 14, 2007

They must. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten this video so perfect.

P.S. Thanks to our friends in the little yellow house.


December 14, 2007

Because of the Tulsa-area power-outages, the former professors’ attorneys could not prepare for the hearing and it was consequently post-poned until January 9th. Two key issues at this preliminary hearing?

  1. ORU had requested mediation. The judge ordered it.
  2. ORU had requested that Richardson be ousted from the team because he is allegedly also Stephanie Cantees’ attorny. Richardson denies this. But, it matters not, Stephanie was too ill to appear to testify, according to this TulsaWorld article.

I find it interesting that we haven’t heard from Stephanie much. She’s pretty much the crux of the allegations. The report came from her. Can’t she at least confirm (in the media trial) that what Richard and Lindsey said about her is true? That she’s dyslexic and was asked to write down rumours? Honestly, she’s the black hole in this case.

Dyslexics, untie!*

*Name that movie.


December 12, 2007

Shake your… Benny?

The ORU Board of Regents is undergoing a “shuffle” as Phil Cooke puts it. Here’s the TulsaWorld article which states: Creflo Dollar resigned from the regents, and Benny Hinn is now a “regent emeritus” with no voting power. Interesting…

Some people are happy that Creflo is off the board.

I’m just a fan of change.

ORU & The Senate Inquiry: Some Thoughts

December 11, 2007

The inquiry by Senator Grassley’s comittee reminds me strangely of what Swails, Brooker, Brooker, & Richardson did in releasing the contents of Cantese’s document about improprieties by Richard & Lindsey. There are no actual allegation or accusation by the Senate committee that precipitates this inquiry, and it’s strangely coincidental that they have targeted all Word of Faith teachers. Further, although I don’t know the law, it strikes me as highly irregular that a senate committee would begin investigating the tax-compliance of select organizations without IRS involvement or specific and stated cause(s). Of course there may be genuine cause, and it is a bit eery that the more flamboyant preachers of the bunch (Hinn & Dollar) are resisting offering up their information.

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December 6, 2007

Whether it’s a negotiation tactic or whether they just weren’t given enough time, Benny Hinn, along with Creflo Dollar, are refusing to meet the senate committee’s deadline for information.  According to the TulsaWorld.


December 5, 2007

Or St. John’s as the atlas would have it.

A beautiful December morning.

Sin Jawn’s Morning

My mother sent me this photo. Unfortunately I have no idea who took it. Lovely though, isn’t it?


December 5, 2007

…from the young and squeaky-clean Adam Sandler.


December 5, 2007

Over at UnitedHollywood.com, this comment was found…

Legal columnist Nancy Prager makes an interesting observation: ‘When you watch content for free via BitTorrent, and the companies don’t get paid, it’s piracy. When you watch content for free via the companies, and the writer doesn’t get paid, it’s promotional.'”


December 5, 2007

He was reportedly interested in “options” for ties.  But today he says that ORU’s gonna be okay.

Key Quote: “Robertson said the team reported that ORU’s assets would enable the school ‘to restructure and recover from this temporary setback.'”


December 4, 2007

The writers, who are striking, who are not working, are holding a food drive during the next three days of the strike – for SOVA, a local food bank serving 4,500 poor and homeless families a month.


December 3, 2007

Yay! The speechless videos are now available on YouTube! Indeed they have been for a whole week and I didn’t notice.

They also have their own webpage now, at speechlesswithoutwriters.com, instead of being hosted on Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily.  Their videos have the same stutter problem on their new webpage as they did on DHD. But the low-res versions are available on YouTube.

My favs are Episode 14 and Episode 15.


December 2, 2007

It was raining on Friday in Los Angeles.  Unusual, wet, meaningful rain.  Cleansing rain.  Cool rain.  Rain that makes all the colours saturated.  Yummy rain.  Rain that beckoned me to run in it.  So, decked out in plastic clothes specially crafted (in China?) just for running, I ventured out.

It rarely rains in LA.  I thought of the recent fires.  I thought of home.  I thought of my father.  Once we’d seen a runner running while it was snowing, through slushy streets, and my father had commented, “Now that’s dedication.”  While it was only rain, and it was a cool 59’F in the balmy California fall, I was still running in the rain.  And I wondered if he’ll be proud of me, and say, “Now that’s dedication.”

I got slapped in the face several times by low-hanging, sopping-wet branches.  Water ran down my neck and sloshed into my aerated shoes.  And it was one of my best runs yet.  Strong stride, good turnover, little bounce.  And not too hot!


December 2, 2007

UPDATE (2009-11-21):

A lot of people are coming here from “The Writing On The Wall.”  Welcome!

Click here for my tiny post about Pastor Billy Joe.

For more posts about the ORU lawsuit click here.

ORIGINAL POST (2007-12-02):

So I heard from another (different) source a few days ago that current Executive Regent/Interim President Billy Joe Daugherty had been fired from the Campus Pastor position at ORU some time during the past year (2007) for confronting Richard about his alleged antics (financial and otherwise). Following the firing, Daugherty and his church – Victory Christian Center (VCC) – was booted from the Mabee Center as a cumulative result of Richard’s reaction to Daugherty’s defiance. VCC had been housed at the Mabee Center for decades before being booted.

Here is the open letter from the Board of Regents outlining the complete results from the recent meetings.

Here is a TulsaWorld article providing more information about Mart Green, whose family is giving the $70 million to ORU, conditionally.

Key quote: “Green said that as part of his review, he is seeking advice on ‘what good governance looks like at universities.   …We think the biggest issue is not the finances. That’s not the root problem. It is the lack of trust, and that’s a spiritual issue.'”

Also interesting: “Worried about the plight of people facing issues such as AIDS, Green started a nonprofit film company to tell their stories.” I find this interesting because I have a friend who just started a nonprofit film company.  It’s an odd duck – with little precedent.


December 2, 2007

Regent students are getting in on the action.


December 2, 2007

So yesterday’s goal was to run 8 miles.  But my running partner and I (others were out of town) arrived at the designated location without a designated route!  So we ran when we thought would be about 8 miles.  And afterwards, we discovered, with the use of sophisticated measuring devices (my car), that we’d run 9 whole miles!  The great part is, it was a good run.  We took it slow at the beginning and ran strong at the end.  I think I could have gone at least 3 or 4 more miles!  It was a good day.

So I’m starting to enjoy running!  It’s fun when you don’t feel like you’re in pain the whole time!

Don’t know if we’ll do 9 miles again next week or if we’ll move ahead to 10 miles…


December 2, 2007

Okay, the cat didn’t look too upset.  And it’s funny.  I found it on Switchfoot’s website.

Click here.