January 29, 2010

I overheard this while buying my pastured eggs at the farmers market:

LADY CUSTOMER: Where are your eggs from?

FARMER: The farm in Santa Paula.

LADY CUSTOMER: Okay but what do they eat?

FARMER: Oh, they eat bugs and worms and such…

LADY CUSTOMER: Ew!  They eat bugs?  I can’t buy them then.

As the lady walked away, I wondered if she was a very particular ovo-vegetarian?


January 27, 2010

Here’s a report from the Atlantic about some Canadian’s who are bucking the law for the sake of their health and/or their pocketbook!  Well, I suppose I can’t say why they’re doing it.  But I know why I would!

First of all, as fellow Canadian Meghan points out (in this excellent little blog post), good eggs are incredibly healthful.  Second, most commercial eggs pop out of sick, deformed, mal-nourished hens, so their nutritional content is all but non-existent.  Third, those pitiful hens are indeed poorly treated.  And finally, happy eggs from happy hens (well-treated and pastured) are expensive and tedious to acquire!  I make a special trip to a farmers market in another municipality for my pastured eggs!

So in order to save money but get happy eggs from happy pastured hens, I would indeed consider raising my own chickens in my own backyard!

Unfortunately, my apartment building doesn’t even allow me to have cats right now.

But would I do it if it meant breaking the law?  Golly.  I can’t even see that bridge yet.  Would you?


January 21, 2010

Most of you know I like eco-friendly, low-impact, sustainable, recyclable practices and the like. I buy organic, local, grass-fed, pastured, raw food and even just got a plot at a local urban garden! So when I came across this home, you can imagine my delight!

The builder is a photographer! I think this photo is beautiful.

Can’t you just imagine sipping hot cocoa by the fire here?

They built it themselves for under $6000 usd!


And they’re not the only ones who arebuilding homes like this!


January 20, 2010

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes. I was at a friend’s home, for a party, and we were enjoying our various meals together. Ryan was watching the live updates from the Golden Globes’ website on his iPhone and would periodically call out a new winner. We all groaned when Avatar won and cheered when Christoph Waltz won.

So today, after reading Janet’s fun Golden Globes recap, I went hunting acceptance speech videos, as per Janet’s recommendations. The one that stood out to me was Meryl Streep’s heartfelt rant. Watch it here!. Oh to have such a simple life!

Then, Darren linked to someone that I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about until now – the mini-Regina Spektor, Nataly Dawn. I guess I’ve been living under a rock, because this girl has more than 17,000 YouTube subscribers! She’s apparently 50% of Pomplamoose, another YouTube cover band. They have a few more subscribers at 70,000 plus. This cover of Beyonce’s popular song was my first taste:

Both Meryl and Nataly seem to be doing what they love and creating art with which people connect. Meryl’s had many years to engage in a rewarding and generous career and seems to recognize that she’s unique in having that privilege. Nataly, new on the scene, seems to create for the love of creating. Her craft is fresh and new and she, though she can be compared to a popular female vocalist, has unique qualities. Something about Meryl’s performances always strike me as fearless. She’s willing to dig deep, go farther, do what’s necessary (while maintaining her own personal integrity). Nataly’s path also seems to be a fearless one. She’s put herself at the mercy of YouTube. And submits her gentle face to its whim.

These two women, both very different artists, inspire me today.


January 15, 2010

Ryan always imagined himself with a coffee shop girl.

But when he married a former McDonald’s employee (that’s right – I worked drive-thru!), he thought he’d have to give up that dream.  However, once I got my green card, I needed a quick job before I began the Act One Executive Program.  So like a good little Hollywood-hyphenate, I got a job at a coffee shop.  One of the best coffee shops!  And I learned all I could from them.  Once I was done learning, I was also done working for them.  And I quit (gasp!).  Shortly after that I got a job at a small production company as an exective assistant to the producers and business manager.  I’m all about quintessential hollywood jobs, eh?

Anyway, coffee shop girls.  There’s something about them. What is it?  

Duncan Christopher has an idea.

I even have a cute little green t-shirt that we bought on our honeymoon.  It says “Love Street Coffee Shop” on it.  I know for a fact that Ryan gets romantical thoughts in his head when I wear it.  He can’t help it!


January 15, 2010

UPDATE (10-01-22): Dr. Myles Monroe has something to say.


Everyone was talking about what Pat Robertson said.

Now everyone’s talking about what Donald Miller said.

Well, Brett McCracken has some thoughts.  Here’s a quote:

We need to quit worrying about how the worst among us are ruining our reputation and instead focus on living Christ-like lives in accordance to scripture and God’s will. We need to worry about our own transformation first and foremost. Are we new creations?

We should love others and ease the suffering in the world… not because it will be better for our PR, but because the Bible tells us to and because the Spirit inside us spurs us to outward action. We should exude charity and patience and peace in our dealings with others not because it will win us admirers but because it is the Christian thing to do.


The Book of Eli

January 12, 2010

The Book of Eli opens this weekend.  It premiered last night in Hollywood at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

I have a few friends who work at the company that produced it – Alcon Entertainment.  This company also produced the recently celebrated The Blind Side.

Here is an email from a friend with a few interesting links about this film!

Hi everyone,

Check out the link below to see a special clip of Denzel Washington talking about his character in Alcon’s next movie, The Book of Eli.


The Book of Eli is a rated R film, so it’s not suitable for families, but for those over 18 I hope you don’t miss this one.  This truly is a story about the hope that God’s Word brings to all.

Please feel free to pass along this link to any pastor or church leader you know.  Here is a link of a local youth pastor’s review:


Eli opens THIS WEEKEND!  Hope you can support such a wonderful message on opening weekend.

– Jessica

I’m really excited about this film.  Both for the obvious reason and for the color correction on the film.  I love the desaturated look!  Is that strange?

I hope those friends of mine who enjoy movies like these will go support it!