56 Weeks PP

January 1, 2014

Today’s WOD:

  • Warm Up: 3 Rounds of 30 sec each of Burpees / Jumping Ball Slams
  • Power Snatch – 10 minutes to a heavy single + 3 EMOM for 7 minutes
  • Nancy = 5 RFT of 400m Run/ 15 OHS (95/65)

So, this is essentially a post about WODing with a baby. Olivia is nearly 13 months old and SMACK in the MIDDLE of separation anxiety. She likes to smile but she’s TOTALLY shy and won’t get down out of my arms without crying until she’s been in a place for at least 20 minutes. Once we were halfway through the class, she was having fun, even if she was still a little fussy. But it took some time to get there.

Here’s a description of how I accommodated Olivia’s needs while still getting a workout in…

I did “Baby Thrusters” for the warm-up – literally, thrusts with my 22# girl. She loved it. I did it for the whole three minutes. I didn’t count.

Snatch 1RM – I got up to 75# and attempted #80. I think I could have done 80# if I hadn’t been worried about dropping the barbell on Olivia. This was at her peak of comfortableness. She played with some lacrosse balls and a few hand weights.

For the EMOMs, I did 5 Olivia Thrusters every minute on the minute.

For Nancy, I did a 100m Olivia run (yes, ran with Olivia in my arms), then 15 Olivia Thrusters. Then my husband showed up and took her home…! So round two was 400m run, then 45# thrusters, then the run, then 15# thrusters, then the run then 25# thrusters. And I finished with the 25# thrusters in 23:10.


It’s good to be able to run again. It’s still a little tweaky, but WAY better than it was…

Also, I’ve got weight to lose. Some is baby weight and some is weight I put on after Olivia was born. Regardless, Olivia and I are still nursing occasionally, 2-3 times a day, so I am reluctant to attempt any significant weight loss because I am convinced that fat soluble toxins will make it into my breast milk. So I am waiting until she weans to do a Whole30, or 60, or whatever it takes.

That said, I actually feel good about my body.

Motherhood is busy-making.

September 27, 2013

Here’s a photo.

Pink, pink, pink. And flowers.

Pink, pink, pink. And flowers.


December 20, 2012

Olivia got her first cold this week. She just turned 8 months. I think that’s pretty good!

Update: it was pretty mundane. A few sniffles. A mild cough. Nothing to write home about.


October 15, 2012


This is my list of favourites – my favourite preggie supplies, my favourite books, my favourite diapers, even my favourite baby socks!! I will keep adding to it over the next few weeks and months; so keep checking back! Maybe it will grow big enough some day to warrant being separated into several different posts!


Diaper Covers

My favourite diaper covers are Bum Genius Flips. They have fit Olivia FROM DAY ONE, which makes sense, since they are One-Size! They wash well. They don’t have white edges that get STAINED (like the Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps – my second favourites)! They look amazing on Olivia and she’s comfy in them!

Check them out!


Diaper Pail Liners

My favourite Diaper Pail Liner is Diaper Pail Liner by Mommy’s Touch. I haven’t tried several of these. Just the one; but I love it so much I want to share. I have two colors – Mango and Celery. I just switch them out at the end of each day – yes, I do diaper laundry daily.


My favourite paci’s are the Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Rubber Pacifiers. Olivia tried (and hated) every other pacifier (even the BPA-free ones, which incidentally were the only ones we tried) until we tried these. Perhaps she has a thing for natural materials?


I have a HUGE chip on my shoulder about toys. I’m a bit of a snob about it. I hate what I call “button toys” where you press a button and music plays. I don’t think those toys are good for much. I prefer toys that also teach tacit knowledge – like stuff about noise and physics – but that are still fun and bright and entertaining.

Clutch Toys

I knew I wanted natural materials and safe paints. Not all her toys fit this description but some do! One of my favourite brands is Haba! And here is one of my favrourites from their offerings – the Triangle Rattle. Olivia loves it! It was one of the first toys she actually CLUTCHED! And today, she’s still mouthing it and banging it on things. It’s been a versatile and long-suffering toy and it’s so well-made.


These are a list of books about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Just a few of my favourites!

Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting

Real Food for Mother and Baby: The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods


Bath Tub – Prince Lionheart Flexibath Foldable Bathtub, White

Bath Sling – Summer Infant Fold N’ Store Tub Time Bath Sling




October 15, 2012


We’re all a little congested right now. Perhaps it’s the weather?

My diet hasn’t been perfectly paleo, but more like 75%/25%. I know that many hate looking at percentages. I’ve been eating lots of animal sources of saturated fat, animal proteins from good sources (grass-fed, pastured, humanely raised), lots of veggies of different colours, lots of organ means, and lacto-fermented veggies (sauerkraut); but I’ve also included corn and rice, some processed foods, and full-fat dairy (some raw!). Honestly, it’s difficult to make a meal quickly that you don’t have to cook or babysit. I need to meal plan better.

We haven’t started Olivia on solid foods yet, but I’ll try to remember to document the experience and post it here when we have.


I went to CrossFit on Saturday, as per normal.

Here’s the WOD:

  • 3 Rounds each of: 30 Seconds on;15 Seconds rest- Hand Stand Shoulder Tap/Jump Squat
  • Push Press- 5/5/5/5/5 @ 70% 1RM (15 Minute Cap)
  • 4 RFT of: 10 K.B. Goblet Squat(HAP)/9 Ring Push Up/8 T2B

Here’s what I did:

  • 3 Rounds each of: 30 Seconds on;15 Seconds rest – Hand Stand with Alternating Hand Release
  • Push Press – 5/5/5/5/5 at 50# (which was Rx)
  • 4 RFT of : 10 KB Goblet Squat (26#)/9 Mod Push Ups / 8 Leg Raises (from floor)

I’m planning to continue doing one CrossFit class a week until I feel like my sleep is under control enough to do two classes. I haven’t been doing the kettle bells at home in the last few weeks (since I went to Canada!) but I plan to incorporate those again.


Here’s a photo!

Ryan & Olivia at 6 months!


October 8, 2012


I think my body might be going through a hormone shift! Here are the reasons why I think so:
I think I’ve felt a hormonal shift in the last week or so. Olivia’s had a tiny bit of baby acne, my hair’s been shedding more (more than recently, but not an alarming amount), and suddenly people have told me that I look awesome. And of course, we’re almost six months – which is when another hormone shift commonly happens, I’m told.

I asked my midwife and she said that perhaps it’s that for the last two weeks, Olivia hasn’t been nursing at night at all (until this weekend) so perhaps my body is shifting from ammenorea back to fertility…?



As I mentioned above, she’s got another little bout of baby acne but nowhere near as bad as before. She’s practicing being on her hands and knees. She recognizes her name. She giggles at the strangest things, but I love it. And…

She has a noise that sounds like a baby Wookiee!! I have a little girl-geek-in-training. 🙂


I went to CrossFit on Saturday, as per normal.

Here’s the WOD:

  • 200m Run @ 50%
  • For Time: 1 Mile Run
  • Axle DeadLift- 8 Minutes to a Heavy Single (neutral grip only)/8 Minutes to a Heavy Single (mixed grip)
  • OTM for 12 Minutes- 9 Weighted Squats(45/25)/1 Rope Climb (3 Towel Pull Ups)

Here’s what I did:

  • 250 m row
  • 2000 m row
  • Axel Deadlift – got up to 145# (ran out of time)
  • OTM for 12 minutes – 9 weighted squats w/ 25# and 3 towel pull ups

I don’t remember my times for the rows. I do remember that I kept to a pretty fair pace of 28 spm and 2:15 / 500 m. Over 2000 meters that’s pretty fair for me.


Next week will be my last “weekly” post as I’m planning on starting a “favourites” post and just updating that occasionally! It’ll be a HUGE favourites post. It’ll start out very slim, but I’ll add to it over time. It’ll be a huge list of my favourite baby things and why – from diaper covers to toys, from wipes to blankets. You’ll love it.


October 1, 2012


It just occurred to me that because “postpartum” is one word, the title “24 WEEKS PP” is terribly inaccurate. It should be “24 WEEKS P!” Oh well.

I’ve been really tired. I’ve all but stopped napping during her morning nap, but I’m really starting to think I should try to again. I’m surprised at how much “making milk” and nursing is taxing on my body. It really is an energy drain. That said, I do love it. Nursing your own little babe is such a joyful experience. I highly recommend for the relational building aspect of it, not to mention the nutritional benefits!



She is amazing. She’s starting to push up onto her hands and knees, instinctually!

Also, has anyone noticed that she hasn’t been sick? At all!?  w00t!



I went to CrossFit on Saturday, as per the usual.

Here’s the WOD:

  • 200M Run
  • 7 Rounds of: Sprint 40 Yards
  • Front Squat- 5/5/5/5/5 (HAP/20 Minute Cap)
  • Power Clean- 10 Minutes to Establish a Heavy Double (Touch & Go)
  • 12 Minute AMRAP of: 5 P.Cl(135/95)/5 each Bar Racked Lunge(135/95)/15 HRPU

Here’s what I did:

  • 200 m run…

I think it took me 1 minute? I’m pretty happy with that, considering that my ligaments are still not all the way fixed yet.

  • 3 rounds of: run, sprint 40 yards

I was averaging about 8.5 seconds. I only did three rounds because my ligaments were hurting.

  • 3 rounds of: row, spring 100 meters

I don’t remember my times, but I remember that my pace was under 2:00/500m for each sprint. Like, 1:57 or so.

  • Front Squats => 5×65, 5×75, 5×75, 4×85

Didn’t go as deep on the last set.

  • Power Cleans => 2×45, 2×65, 2×75, 2×80

I’m so disgusted because I found Power Cleans so easy before I got pregnant and even during my pregnancy! My 1RM was only 110#, but even the heavy weight felt like something reasonable to attempt. But after having delivered the baby, Power Cleans seem like the strangest movement ever. Grrr… I wonder if it’s related to the ligament issues?

  • 9 MIN AMRAP => 2 rounds + P.Cl + Lunges + 8 h.r.p.u.

I had 45# on the bar. The Cleans were easy. The Lunges were challenging. I’m still doing modified push ups.

I’m feeling stronger after my pregnancy but I’m still not 100%. I’m  annoyed that it’s taking so long to “bounce” back. But confident that I will be able to return to my previous strength and conditioning numbers eventually.



I think I will continue the weekly posts until Olivia is six months old. Then I will switch up my format.

Here’s a picture!

Ryan with Olivia at 24 Weeks!



September 23, 2012


Not getting enough sleep. Eating too much chocolate.


Her sleep schedule is solidifying! She’s been “sleeping through the night” for weeks now, but her day time naps hadn’t organized really. She’s done a good morning naps for a few weeks but her afternoon naps were scattered and sparse. But NOW!! It might have been a Norwegian friend’s mention of how in Norway all the children take their naps outside prompting me to set up Olivia for her nap in the swing facing the open window or she just might have been ready, but she has taken two solid naps each day for the last 10 days. They’re averaging 2 hours. The morning nap is usually longer and the afternoon nap usually shorter. The other thing that might have helped is that it occurred to me to nurse her before her afternoon nap. Because she was ready for her midday awake time to stretch out to 3 hours. Whatever it was, I’m so enjoying the routine!

  • Awake ~ 7:30 – 8:15 am
  • 1st Nap ~ 10:00 am
  • Awake ~ 12:30 – 1:00 pm
  • 2nd Nap ~ 4:00 pm
  • Awake ~ 5:30 pm
  • Bedtime ~ 7:30 pm (asleep by 8:00 or 8:15 pm)

Isn’t that awesome!?


I went to CrossFit on Saturday. It was my first workout in five weeks (except for one kettlebell workout in Canada). Boy was it rough.

Here’s the WOD:

  • 400M Farmers Walk (20×2/16x2kg)
  • Pause Front Squat- 2/2/2/2/2/2/2 (70-85%) 3 Second Hold at The Bottom; 2 Min Rest Between Sets
  • For Time: 25 each side Sand Bag Get Up (40/20)
  • 3 Rounds of: 45 Seconds each Max Reps HandStand Shoulder Taps; 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds

Here’s what I did…

  • 400m Farmers Walk => 12kg/26lbs x 2 unbroken / 5:11
  • Pause Front Squat => (WU 2×35, 2×45) 2×50, 2×55, 2×65, 2×70, 2×75, 80F, 80F, 1×75
  • Med Ball Get Ups 15# => 20 each side; 15 min
  • Handstand Hold

This was my first time *ever* getting through a set of any kind of Get Ups, turkish or otherwise. I’d never done them before I got pregnant, and couldn’t do them while I was pregnant, and I’ve had difficulty doing them since giving birth because of … well, birth. But TODAY! Today, I could do them. YAY! Victory!

And then I did a handstand hold. I have no idea how long it was for…


Haven’t changed the organization of my posts yet. I’m kinda stuck on posting my “weekly” WOD. I’ll get around to doing that, I promise. Chao!


September 17, 2012


Still dealing with ligament issues. Still have the dark line although it’s going away. Still breastfeeding. Still loving being a mommy!


She is changing so fast. She’s started reaching. She’s almost able to sit up on her own. She’s trying out things that resemble crawling. Her “play” is so much more focused than before and shows intent. It’s awesome to watch.


Because I went to Canada for a few weeks (nearly a month!), I didn’t get any workouts in except one kettlebell workout once. I’m a little squishier than when I left. But I still feel confident that I can lose it when the time comes.


I think I’m going to change the organization of my posts. I think I may begin to post about topics, such as: diapering, pacifiers, clothing, sleeping (paleo style?) etc. One topic per week? I also still plan to post about my postpartum experience; because I think that it’s important for new mommies to be prepared for it.

Anyway, here’s a photo of Olivia!

Olivia Grace in the BIG PLASTIC TOY! (22 weeks)

P.S. I didn’t want BIG PLASTIC TOYS in my home. But ya know what?! They generate smiles like this and the ability to get the laundry done. So, um, there.


September 3, 2012


I’m trying my best to eat according to Paleo/Primal/Real Food tenants. I’ve found that I do feel best when I go #Whole30. Seriously. Get “It Starts with Food!” You won’t regret it.

I tried running for a bit a few days ago. I could go slowly, but when I tried to speed until I discovered that my ligaments are still a little sore. I still have some of the dark line so I’m not real concerned. I know it’ll all be fine eventually.

I’m planning a post about my post-partum experience – a more emotionally detailed post. Look for that soon.

Breastfeeding is going well. 🙂


She. Is. Awesome.

I left her with ‘not family’ for the first time yesterday. And she was a huge hit. She was bubbly and friendly and happy. And she was also evidently the bounciest baby they’d ever seen – and this was a family that knows babies! Most importantly, she was still happy to see me when I returned. Of course. But it’s still nice to have your babe curve into you when you pick her up.

She has almost grown out of some of her 6-12 month outfits. She is tall, tall, tall.

We’ve got a bit of redness in her diaper-regions. But the doc says it’s just irritation, not rash. Gotta change those cloth diapers more often!


Not happening. I’m at home in Canada with my family for a short while. I’m a little busy with the current circumstances. I brought my 15# kettlebell and there is a CrossFit gym here, but the kettlebell sits forlornly in the corner and the CrossFit gym isn’t gonna see me this time.

It’s okay. I’ll get back at it. Muscle memory, right?

To make us all feel better, here’s a photo of the first time we took her swimming. It was one week ago. She loved it!

Olivia’s first swim! 19 weeks!


August 27, 2012

This is a bit of a crazy week. You won’t get much of an update today. More next week!

I didn’t exercise at all last week except for one night of 100 kb swings at 15 lbs.

Olivia is doing well. She swam in a pool for the first time yesterday!

Who me? Wearing a size 9-month sleeper? Couldn’t be.


May 28, 2012

Giving birth was so much harder, more painful, and more challenging than I had anticipated.

I’m grateful for the presence of my husband Ryan – he was my anchor once I was in active labour; my mother, Fay – she provided countless moments of strength and comfort; my father, Glenn, who was with us for a while but later slept in a hotel room while I laboured; my doula, Piper, and my midwife, Kristen, who were both AMAZING!! I chose not to have a birth photographer because I knew that it would make me more self-conscious.

My parents were staying with us. They were sleeping in the guest bedroom (which has now become the baby’s room). The previous day, we’d visited Coney Island. My mother and I had ice cream and my father had a Nathan’s Hot Dog.

I stopped by the CrossFit gym on the way home to say hi. I had a premonition this would be my last time visiting before the babe arrived. I don’t remember what we did that night. We might have watched a movie…?

At 3:30 am in the morning, I woke with what felt similar to the Braxton Hicks contractions I’d been feeling in previous weeks – except that this one hurt in a different place: lower. I went to pee and saw bloody show! I raised my hands and cheered quietly to myself, “Bloody show!” I knew this was it. I went back to bed and waited. Yup! There came another one!

It shocked me that they felt different than the Braxton Hicks. To be honest, it also scared me. The Braxton Hicks had been so bearable that I’d gotten a little cocky about how well I’d handle labour. After three or four of these contractions, I got out my iPhone and started timing them using an app that I’d downloaded. They were 7 minutes apart and at least 60 seconds long. I muscled through them by myself until about 5:45 am, when I sent an email to my midwife and doula to let them know that I was in early labour.

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My First Poll-ish Joke

April 20, 2010

I wouldn’t touch that blog with a ten-foot pole!

Dog Names, Not People Names

March 14, 2010

Got this from my Steep and Cheap Daily Dose:

From: “SteepandCheap.com” <dosage>
Date: March 13, 2010 11:18:30 PM PST
Subject: Dog Names, Not People Names

It’s bad when you meet a person walking a dog, and then the next time you see them you know the dog’s name but not their name. It’s not uncommon to see a cute dog in the street and bend down to pet it and then asks its name. It’s fairly rare to follow-up with the owner and ask their name. Dog names are much easier to remember because they’re usually odder or more dynamic than human names, and on the rare day that you meet a dog named Josh, well, then that seems ever weirder so you remember it.

flosensing?z=aar0QLRYX0KZF0DfI promise I won’t keep posting these…  I just thought this one was so true!


January 21, 2010

Most of you know I like eco-friendly, low-impact, sustainable, recyclable practices and the like. I buy organic, local, grass-fed, pastured, raw food and even just got a plot at a local urban garden! So when I came across this home, you can imagine my delight!

The builder is a photographer! I think this photo is beautiful.

Can’t you just imagine sipping hot cocoa by the fire here?

They built it themselves for under $6000 usd!


And they’re not the only ones who arebuilding homes like this!


November 2, 2009

Ryan and I have been on a tight budget.  That is not to say that we’re broke.  In fact, our giving is up, we’re making respectable contributions to our IRA and we’re paying down our debt in a responsible fashion.  But because we’re doing all these things, what’s left doesn’t leave much room for shopping sprees or reckless recreation.

So back in June I did a search of some blogs and discovered a few ideas for how to spend my time and not my money!  Here’s a few of my favourites:

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September 21, 2009

I have several friends who make soap; but one particular friend (who just moved west – you know who you are) who makes gorgeous-smelling soaps!  Her soap company is Luka Organics.

We had her and her husband over for a little get-together recently and she brought me two bars!  They smell awesome.  The green one is spearmint-eucalyptus and the orange one is honey-almond-oatmeal.  They’re heavenly!

I had purchased a whole bunch of these for myself and for friends just before Christmas.  They were awesome.  I’m looking forward to using these soon.  After all, soap was made to be used and enjoyed!

We’re finishing up some organic oatmeal soap bars that I’d purchased from Whole Foods right now.  After that, honey-almond-oatmeal!  Yum!

NEVER BACK DOWN – Or How To Survive Oral Surgery

July 17, 2009

I just lost four teeth.  I got into a fight with an oral surgeon.  He knocked me out with a left hook to the…  vein in my right arm.  It took about 45 seconds.  The last question I remember was the anesthesiologist asking me if I’m a cheap date.  “Oh yeah,” I said, “One glass of wine on an empty stomach and I’m out.”

The next thing I remember is my mouth feeling like a giant cement ball and the nurse trying to help me put my long-sleeved shirt back on over my tank top.  I hadn’t been wearing it to begin with, I thought to myself; but I was too zonked to fight.  She walked me into the main hallway and sat me down on a padded bench.  I remember she put a cushion behind my back.  That was nice.  Then she went to get Ryan.

Ryan says I was really cute when he saw me – totally out of it and trying to type into my cellphone.  I was updating my facebook status.  I guess I’m a little addicted.

So the nurse told Ryan all the important stuff about how I’m supposed to recover from surgery and take care of the giant holes in my gums.  I don’t remember much of it because all I was concerned about was getting a drink of water.  I think I asked by motioning with my hands about three or four times.  She patiently reminded me each time that I had to wait until I got home to get a drink of water but once at home I could drink all I want.  My throat was parched.  I remember the drive home feeling rather painful.

Once at home, my first attempt at drinking failed rather miserably.  I couldn’t swallow.  The gauze, the numbness, the saraha desert in my mouth all made it rather difficult to manipulate my oral cavity.  Bloody water ran down my shirt.  I couldn’t even laugh at myself.  Into the bathroom we went to switch out the gauze and try drinking with a mirror.  For some odd reason that seemed to help.

I tried downing some yogurt.  No go.  Ryan left to get my prescribed painkillers (which I have not yet needed).  When he returned I felt hungry so I asked him to make me some scrambled eggs.  I ate about three bites.  The egg was easy to swallow without chewing; but I wasn’t hungry yet.  Ryan finished what I couldn’t eat.

So in order to pass the time while chilling my swollen cheeks, I pulled up one of the Netflix we’ve got in our Instant queue.  Don’t hate.  I chose, you guessed it, “Never Back Down.”

I trained in Mixed Martial Arts back in Vancouver before moving to Los Angeles.  I was able to train for a few months after I moved here at Bally Total Fitness in Hollywood but work and projects precluded me from continuing.  I miss training something awful and was willing to subject myself to a sub-par script just to watch the fighting.  It was worth it.

Never Back Down” is a quintessential fight film.  A new kid moves to a new city.  He’s got father issues.  The cutest girl is with the meanest guy who turns out to be the new kid’s instant nemesis.  He’s got untrained talent and he needs to learn how to control his emotions.  It’s typical, but at least it works.

The dialog was as poor as expected with characters spouting their emotions at unbelievable moments and cliched pep-talks popping up right on queue; but at least it moved at a quick twenty-first century pace and was well-edited.  Good rhythm.  One other low point for the film was the obvious soundtrack and overuse of noticeable songs.

Now on to the high points.  Sean Faris.  He plays the lead kid and looks (and acts) shockingly like Tom Cruise.  It’s not surprising to me at all to take a look at his IMDb profile and see that he’s got six films in production and one more in development.  Watch this kid.  He’ll be playing Tom Cruise’s former self in a few years.  Mission Impossible IV anyone?

His love interest, the beautiful Scarlett Johansson look-alike, Amber Heard is unfortunately directed as a rather shallow one-note pony.  Did I just mix a few metafors?  It’s the painkillers.  Er, or not.  I think Amber’s got a lot more in her, and again, judging by her IMDb profile, plenty of others agree, including Johnny Depp, against who she plays opposite in the upcoming “The Rum Diaries”.  An actor from our film “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher” is also cast in that film – Marshall Bell.  Rock on Marshall!

Back to “Never Back Down” – while the story is simple, the dialog cheddar, and the music obvious, the fights more than make up for it.  This film knows it’s a fight flick and it lives up to its sub-genre gloriously.  There’s a lot of fighting in this film and it’s spaced out well.  We get to see him fight in the first scene of the film.  And it’s kinda believable too.  Also, the director makes interesting use of our new social phenomenon, YouTube and the like, showing us the fight again, from different angle as news of it travels across the inter-web.  Fun.

Once the kid ends up in his new state, things seem hopeful, but he happens upon a little sparring session that he mistakes for a fight, thereby getting himself involved in the rat’s nest of the local passion for mixed martial arts.  The rest of the fights and the training are interspersed throughout the film.  They’re all well-choreographed and shot for fight-lovers.  They’re shot so well in fact that I’d believe that the director, Jeff Wadlow, is a fighter.  Or perhaps it’s his cinematographer, the Swiss Lukas Ettlin, who likes to fight.  Who’s to say?  Regardless, I enjoyed every minute of it – the sparring, the training, the fighting.  Not too much.  Not to little.  Just right.  If you’re a fighter, or you like just mixed martial arts, you’ll enjoy the fighting in this film.  But you won’t see any teeth get knocked out.  They saved that for the match with my oral surgeon today.

I’m happy that I lost my teeth by paying some stranger to knock me out and dig around inside my mouth until they were gone, rather than get in a fight.  I’m really glad that I can watch a film and get the feeling like I did just win a battle and earn the respect of hundreds and the respect of my little brother and I didn’t need to get kicked in the ribs to do it.  I’m rather grateful for my missing teeth that caused me to watch a silly ol’ film and enjoy some champagne grapes (cause they’re the only thing I can swallow right now).

And write.  I’m coherent enough to write.  Or am I?  I haven’t taken the painkillers yet.  I’m still tasting a little blood (perhaps that heightened my “Never Back Down” experience?), but I think my holes are clotting well.  Maybe I’m still experiencing the anesthesia?  Does it make me verbose?  Does it matter?

P.S. Ryan’s a great nurse.  Tell him I said so.

Eagle Rock ‘n’ Roll Farmers Market

June 30, 2009

Driving down Colorado Blvd one day last week, I’d seen the signs for a new Eagle Rock Farmers Market – hosted by PD Markets.  It’s called the Eagle Rock ‘n’ Roll Farmers Market.  I’d just been to the awesome Hollywood Farmers Market with Amy so I was ready to check this one out.

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Ecclesiastes 6:1-9

June 26, 2009

There is another serious tragedy I have seen in our world. God gives great wealth and honor to some people and gives them everything they could ever want, but then he doesn’t give them the health to enjoy it. They die, and others get it all! This is meaningless-a sickening tragedy.

A man might have a hundred children and live to be very old. But if he finds no satisfaction in life and in the end does not even get a decent burial, I say he would have been better off born dead. I realize that his birth would have been meaningless and ended in darkness. He wouldn’t even have had a name, and he would never have seen the sun or known of its existence. Yet he would have had more peace than he has in growing up to be an unhappy man. He might live a thousand years twice over but not find contentment. And since he must die like everyone else-well, what’s the use?

All people spend their lives scratching for food, but they never seem to have enough. Considering this, do wise people really have any advantage over fools? Do poor people gain anything by being wise and knowing how to act in front of others?

Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless; it is like chasing the wind.

From the New Living Translation.