This is a series on being a pregnant paleo/primal Crossfitter. I found out that I was pregnant in August 2011. My due date is in April 2012. I post each week about my Crossfit workouts, what I’m eating and various pregnancy symptoms. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it; but you can use my blog as research for your own prescription!

I recommend checking out a few other blogs of women who are paleo and pregnant, or crossfitting and pregnant or both! Here’s a few favs: One Fit Mom, Joyful Abode, and Fitness Editor Blog.


At 32 weeks, I’m still trucking along! At my appointment with my midwife (in the comfort of my own home), my blood pressure was 98/66. Woot! And the baby’s heart rate was 150 (girl?). Also, my uterus measured perfect at 32 cms. The babe is still moving at predictable times and in textbook perfect ways. He or she is still head down and kicking near the top (obedient baby!). S/he gets hiccups almost daily and kicks promptly for an hour or so after each meal (after which I forget to pay attention).

This week I had my first few practice contractions that were NOT exercise/walking induced. I’m still getting the BH when I walk up a long hill, but the other day I got one while doing something innocuous in the kitchen. Pretty cool!

In other news, this week I’ve had cold symptoms, so I’ve tried to rest as much as I can and have increased my intake of Vitamin C and D, plus bone broth. My midwife suggested echinacea and elderberry, so I’ve got those coming from Soap.com. I feel like I’m on the mend already…


At 32 weeks, I’m starting to get a little poofy. My midwife suggest lowering my carb intake to prevent a “too large” baby. I think that will also help me not get the third trimester bloat. I’ve done pretty well thus far and I want to finish strong! I want to be healthy for my baby *and* feel comfortable in my skin. It’s a tricky balancing act for someone with my history of extremist dieting and self-image issues. One thing I’ve done on purpose is not weigh myself. I know this is partially an issue because it’s important to know whether the baby is getting too big, but I feel that I have a check system in place since my midwife is measuring my uterus at regular intervals and it’s been right on target each time. If I weigh myself, I’ll get too neurotic and stressed about what I’m eating and that will be bad for me and baby. I just have to perceive of myself as a healthy, fit person that makes healthy, fit choices and I will more likely follow through with that than if I perceive of myself as a reckless, sloth that needs constant discipline and management. My cortisol will be through the roof in that mode. So I made a conscious choice not to weigh myself and my midwife was okay with it.

My midwife also suggested supplementing 1000-2000 mg of Vitamin C /day (to increase strength of my amniotic sack) and, starting at 34 weeks, taking Evening Primrose Oil (1200-1500 mg /day) to help ripen the uterus. I’ve been taking more Vitamin C this week just because of the cold symptoms. I guess I’ll continue that for the integrity of my bag of waters.

I’m still taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil capsules, Enzymes, Probiotics and an occasional dose of prenatal vitamins.


After Saturday, February 18th, I didn’t workout at all because of my cold symptoms. It’s too bad because Monday, February 20th’s workout look super-fun.

February 14, 2012

Today our local CrossFit gym hosted a Couple’s WOD, but the class was full by the time I went to sign up so I didn’t get to WOD with my hubby. So I went to the KB Technique class instead. It was fun as usual! Here’s what I did…

  • FT: 200 m run / 100 KB Swings (USSR) w/ 18# / 500 m row => 7:27
  • 10 rounds FT of: 10 KB Split Cleans R-arm w/ 18# / 10 KB Split Cleans L-arm w/ 18# / 5 Single Leg Pike Push-ups (on box) R / 5 Single Leg Pike Push-ups (on box) L => 21:41
  • 3 RNFT of: 10 each arm Figure Eights w/ 18# KB / 10 each arm Halos (aka Around The Worlds) w/ 18# KB / 10 Ring Rows (modified)

This was a good class. My heart rate got up to 160 around round 7 of the MetCon, but as per usual, it came right down again once I was done.

Good class!

February 16, 2012

Here’s today’s WOD:

  • Row 500M
  • 12 min AMRAP of: 12 Box Jumps (20/24″) / 6 Thrusters (95/65) / 6 Bar Facing Burpees
  • For Time: 100 Ball Slams (20/15) / 100 Walking Lunges (50 ea)
Here’s what I did…
  • 500m row => 2:23
  • 12 min AMRAP of: 12 box steps / 6 thrusters / 6 baby burpees => 6 rnds + 12 box steps + 1 thruster
  • FT: 100 ball slams (10#) / 100 walking lunges => 10:45

For the AMRAP, I used the small 12″ box plus a 25# plate. I used 35# for the thrusters. And of course, baby burpees are one jumping air squat and one wall push-up.

My legs are gonna feel this workout tomorrow. They were burning at the end.

February 18, 2012

I joined Ryan and our friend-from-out-of-town, Jack, today at the 11:30 am free class at our CrossFit gym. What fun!

While everyone else was running around the block with med-balls, I did a 400 m run with my mini. ;)

  • 400 m run => 2:53

This includes the time it took for me to stop and speak with two men who asked how far I was running and then said, “God bless you!” Ha!

  • 21/15/9 of: Ball Slams w/ 10# / Baby Burpees => 5:27

Baby Burpees are: one jumping air squat plus a wall push-up. I’m gonna be sad once I have to do real burpees again. Baby Burpees are awesome.

  • 1/2 Tabata Box Step Ups => 10 / 10 / 9 / 9

I used the 12″ box plus a 35# plate.

  • 1/2 Tabata Cat-Cow Holds
Basically I just did four 20-second cat-cow holds.
  • 30 Wall Ball FT w/ 12# =>1:14

I felt good about this one. If I’d done five more, that’d be a respectable Karen time. Amiright? 😉


Sorry. No photo this week.

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