I’m still feeling achy in the crotch. Like I was kicked by a horse! Tailbone is doing better though!  It only aches occasionally. My uterus potbelly is smaller everyday! My organs feel like they’re mostly finished doing the cotton-eyed joe. Breathlessness has lessened quite a bit. Only shows up after being up and about for more than 20 minutes. Or after taking the two flights of stairs in our apartment building. I’m still bleeding a little bit. But I’ve gone from telephone book to notepad (if you  know what I mean). 😉

Still more recovery is necessary; but with too little and irregular sleep, it’s difficult to recover confidently.



Textbook two-week-old. Sleeps, eats, poops. Cries. Is extremely adorable and “delightfully” unpredictable.



We just got back from a ten-minute walk. Our second. My first without hubby. It was lovely outside. She fell asleep in the ergo within minutes!! So she missed the whole thing.

Walking made my crotch hurt. And I walked slowly! I wonder how long it will be before I can do a squat clean?!

Here’s some pics…

Gilliebean, with Olivia, at 2 weeks post partum.

Olivia at 15 days old!


2 Responses to 2 WEEKS PP

  1. OneFitMom says:

    The “kicked in the crotch” feeling lasted a surprisingly long time for me (maybe 3 months?), as did the occasional tailbone pangs. It wasn’t extraordinarily painful, but it was annoying!

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