This is a series on being a pregnant paleo/primal Crossfitter. I found out that I was pregnant in August 2011. My due date is in April 2012. I post each week about my Crossfit workouts, what I’m eating and various pregnancy symptoms. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it; but you can use my blog as research for your own prescription!

I recommend checking out a few other blogs of women who are paleo and pregnant, or crossfitting and pregnant or both! Here’s a few favs: One Fit Mom, Joyful Abode, and Fitness Editor Blog.


At 36 weeks, baby hiccups are common. The babe is still moving after meals and late at night as well as other times of the day – consistent patterns. Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more common.

I got some swelling in my feet and ankles this week. It was very uncomfortable; but nowhere near as severe as a friend of mine who gave birth recently. For myself, I wonder if it was a combination of lack of activity (due to burning out my round ligaments on four 200m runs) and running out of Vitamin D and cod liver oil. After I brought back the morning walk and the afternoon nap, the swelling improved significantly. And then when my cod liver oil arrived, it vanished. Could be coincidence or could be helpful info!

Third trimester tiredness is really a thing. And to be frank, this babe (and his or her whole package – the uterus, bag of waters, etc) is getting heavy! I have to pee more often. My lower back is starting to get a little tired. I have to eat smaller and smaller meals, which means I eat more frequently. But honestly, all my symptoms have felt pretty “textbook” to me; so I’m pretty happy with a rather uncomplicated pregnancy!


At 36 weeks, I’m trying really hard to have four low-carb days and three carb-days each week. Basically, Monday and Tuesday are low-carb, Wednesday is mod-carb. Thursday, Friday is low-carb and Saturday, Sunday is mod-carb. I’m doing this because carb-cycling is easier for me (to keep overall carbs low) and before I discovered that I was pregnant, I found that it jived pretty well with my metabolic needs. I’m still craving Clementines; and I read recently, that Vitamin C not only helps with iron absorption (from meats), it helps prevent stretch marks by supporting the production of collagen in the skin! Yay! So I’m gonna keep eating those. I’m also taking a Vitamin C supplement at night before bed. I’m still taking enzymes, probiotics, and vitamin D. My Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil capsules arrived. I’m happy to have added those back.


March 13, 2012

Kettlebell class! Yay!

  • Warm-up – 3:00 min row => 556 m
  • 4 rounds each FT: 200m run / 20 KB swings (15#) / box steps / 10 Snatch L (15#) / 10 Snatch R (15#) / 5 baby burpees / 5 ring rows
  • 30/25/20 of: Air Squats (only 10 per round) / KB High Pull  (26#) / Front Kicks => 7:50

I went pretty slow on the row. It is a warm-up after all.

On the 4 round for time, we were supposed to do a round and then rest for 3 minutes, but I got confused and went right into the second round without resting.

  • Round 1 – 4:20
  • Round 2 – 4:20 (?)
  • Round 3 – 4:20
  • Round 4 – 4:25

Then I had a 2 minute rest b/w Round 2 and 3 and a 3 minute rest b/w Round 3 and 4.

It was a good class. My round ligaments hurt a little in the evening after this class.

And then, unfortunately, they were still hurting the next day too; which kept me from being active that day and (I think) contributed to swelling in my feet and ankles. 😦

March 17, 2012

Here’s the WOD. The only thing I changed was the warm-up. The prescription was a 400m Racked Walk (Heavy But Doable); but I did a row instead.

  • Warm-up – 500m row => 2:28
  • Power Cleans – (2×15, 2×45) 2×65, 2×70, 2×70, 2×70, 2×70
  • Front Sq – (2×70) 2×70, 2×70, 2×70, 2×70, 2×70
  • Clean Pull – 3×70, 3×70, 3×70, 3×70, 3×70

I did 65% of my 1RM on the Power Cleans as prescribed, but when it came to the Front Sq and Clean Pulls, I had to scale back from 100%. I just can’t get as deep on my squats with weight.

Here’s two pics of me doing the power cleans… Thanks to Coach Tami from Crossfit 718 for taking them!

Gilliebean doing a 70# power clean at 36 weeks preggie!

Gilliebean doing a 70# power clean at 36 weeks preggie!

Then I cashed out with the 11:30 class’ last AMRAP.

  • 7 min AMRAP of: 15 ball slams @ 20# / 10 box steps @ 12″ => 6 rnds

I used the 20# ball because it was the only one left. Golly, that thing is heavy! I think just using the 12″ box was a good way to balance that out.

It was so great to do a STRENGTH-oriented WOD since I’ve been focusing on kettle bells and met-cons. Haven’t done strength in a while and I was happy to be doing cleans and squats today. 🙂

Felt good and strong!!

March 19, 2012

I was feeling strong again and the WOD was another strength WOD. So I wanted to get it in while I could… Here it is:

  • Row 1000m @ 28spm
  • Jerk – 1/1/1/1/1 (max effort); 1-3 min rest between efforts
  • 3 RFT of: 8 Box Jumps/3 Push Press (95/65 from ground)/6 Ring Dip
  • For Time: 50 Double Unders/50 Ball Slams (20/15)/50 Double Unders

Here’s what I did:

  • Row 1000m @ 28 spm => 4:46
  • Push Jerks: (WU 5×45, 3×55) 65, 75, 75 (PR!), 80 (PR!), 85 (PR!)
  • 5 RFT of: 8 box steps @ 15″ / 3 push press @ 45# / 6 ring dips (leg assisted) => 4:22
  • FT: 50 air squats / 50 ball slams w/ 10# / 50 air squats => 7:50

The 1000m row was just 30 seconds off my PR. I’ll take it.

I did push jerks while everyone else did split jerks, because I didn’t think my round ligaments (they support the uterus) could handle split jerks. My current split jerk PR is 85. I look forward to crushing that after the babe arrives.

Tami made me do the first 75# a second time because she said I looked wobbly. I did. For some odd reason, I did a crappy split jerk on the first 75#. So I did it again, as a push jerk.

During the 5 RFT met-con, my legs felt heavy and stiff on the box steps. Also, interesting to note, even though my ring dips were leg-assisted, my legs were burnt, so they weren’t that much help.

During the last met-con, for which I sub’d air squats for double unders, my round ligaments were fine until I got about 25 reps into the ball slams. Usually it’s running that will push them past their limit but now it seems that high volume squat reps will do it too. I think I’ll pull back on the max effort squat-type movements for the remainder of my pregnancy, which could be five days away or five weeks away. ;)


Here’s a picture from 36 weeks!

Gilliebean at 36 Weeks Preggie!

4 Responses to 36 WEEKS PREGGIE

  1. OneFitMom says:

    How are you finding the cleans with a great big belly in the way? 🙂

    • gilliebean says:

      Somehow, it works. My bar path feels pretty straight and yet I don’t hit the belly on the way up. I think it might be how I’m built; but it’s not been an issue. I find snatches and split jerks awkward though.

  2. […] 1). So obviously I kept these lighter than Rx. But I did more sets. I was also curious, because of OneFitMom’s comment last week, how straight my bar path is. So I set up my iPhone and shot two videos. Enjoy! On […]

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