I’m still feeling tired from the lack of sleep/broken sleep. Even at 10 weeks PP. It’s hard to adjust to. I learned this week that my body still has Relaxin floating around and keeps floating around until about five or six weeks postpartum – no wonder I don’t feel like myself still. I have the ligaments of a second trimester preggie! I’ve read that once the hormone finally leaves the body (or stops being produced?), the body will feel more like it did before pregnancy.


Olivia had a busy week! She had a doctors appointment, discovered her hands, and visited the gym!

At her two month check up (which was at two months five days), Olivia weighed 10 lbs 12 ounces (87th percentile) and she was 25.5 inches long (>97th percentile)! We have a tall girl!! She met all the other developmental milestones. When the doctor picked her up to put her on her tummy, I was nervous. Olivia doesn’t enjoy tummy time (what baby does?) and I usually only do it every other day instead of daily (I’ve heard conflicting reports of it’s effectiveness). I expected her to cry when the doc placed her on her tummy. However! The doc placed her on her tummy and she immediately did the mini-push-up that three month olds do! I was so proud I nearly cried.

In the middle of the week, I was video chatting with my momma (who lives in Canada). I had the camera pointed at Olivia, and she was flailing around her arms and smiling and cooing. While we watched, she stopped flailing and stared intently at her hand! Again, I nearly cried. It was so neat to share the moment of this developmental milestone with my momma!

Olivia notices her fist! 10 weeks old.

Olivia notices her fist! 10 weeks old.

Finally, our gym had a BBQ on Saturday so we brought Olivia down to visit. There’s some photos below!

P.S. The cradle cap is about 4/5 resolved.


Tuesday, June 19

Walked about a mile and a half, baby wearing.

Wednesday, June 20

Walked about a mile, baby wearing.

Saturday, June 23

CrossFit HOPE => 134

  • Box Jumps (mod): 16, 17, 18
  • Pull Ups (scaled): 8, 9, 6
  • Power Snatch (scaled): 8, 8, 6
  • Burpees: 8, 4, 3
  • Thrusters (scaled): 7, 7, 9

My box jumps were box step-ups. My pull-ups were with a heavy band. My power snatches and thrusters were at 45#. My burpees were causing me to nearly puke up my breakfast!

I planned to just-keep-moving. And I kept to my strategy. Overall, I’m happy with my postpartum performance.

Sunday, June 24

Here’s the WOD:

  • 5 Rounds of: 40 Yard Sled Push (1.5 x’s BW/BW); rest as needed between efforts
  • Power Snatch- 1/1/1/1/1 @50/60/65/70/75% (15 minute Cap)
  • 5 RFT of: 10 Power Snatch (115/75)/15 Pull Ups

Here’s what I did…

  • Sled Push 40 yards

WU: sled +25 +(15×2) = 72# … ?
1: sled+25+(15×3) = 87# … 17.2 seconds
2: sled+25+(15×3) = 87# … 18.8 seconds

  • Power Snatches: 1 @ 50%,60%,70% => 40#, 50#, 55#

I don’t have a 1RM for Power Snatches so I used my Squat Snatch 1RM.

  • 5 RFT of: 10 Power Snatch / 15 Pull Ups => 20:40

I used 45# and a heavy band. I had in my head that I was going to only do 3 rounds and then head home to Olivia. But I finished three and people were still going so I figured I’d do the fourth one. And then when I finished the fourth, Julie was still going so I figured I’d do the fifth one too. Ugh. I’ve regressed so much on my pull ups. 😦


Here’s some photos from HOPE!

Yawn! Olivia at 10 weeks.

Coach Tami with Olivia Grace!

Our new little family! Olivia at 10 weeks.

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  1. Sebastian Sancen says:

    When your baby is first born she will perfect to you in every way, even if she has flaws like many babies do. There are any number of scars or imperfections that you may discover on your baby, but nothing is quite as unnerving as when cradle cap first appears. When my daughter was born I was well aware of this problem and the fact that it would most likely happen to her at some point in the first few months of her life. I had taken the time to read up on the condition and thought I was fully prepared for whenever it would happen. I read all of the advice about not letting the appearance of cradle cap upset me, and I was fully determined to stick to my guns and treat it casually when the time came.

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