56 Weeks PP

Today’s WOD:

  • Warm Up: 3 Rounds of 30 sec each of Burpees / Jumping Ball Slams
  • Power Snatch – 10 minutes to a heavy single + 3 EMOM for 7 minutes
  • Nancy = 5 RFT of 400m Run/ 15 OHS (95/65)

So, this is essentially a post about WODing with a baby. Olivia is nearly 13 months old and SMACK in the MIDDLE of separation anxiety. She likes to smile but she’s TOTALLY shy and won’t get down out of my arms without crying until she’s been in a place for at least 20 minutes. Once we were halfway through the class, she was having fun, even if she was still a little fussy. But it took some time to get there.

Here’s a description of how I accommodated Olivia’s needs while still getting a workout in…

I did “Baby Thrusters” for the warm-up – literally, thrusts with my 22# girl. She loved it. I did it for the whole three minutes. I didn’t count.

Snatch 1RM – I got up to 75# and attempted #80. I think I could have done 80# if I hadn’t been worried about dropping the barbell on Olivia. This was at her peak of comfortableness. She played with some lacrosse balls and a few hand weights.

For the EMOMs, I did 5 Olivia Thrusters every minute on the minute.

For Nancy, I did a 100m Olivia run (yes, ran with Olivia in my arms), then 15 Olivia Thrusters. Then my husband showed up and took her home…! So round two was 400m run, then 45# thrusters, then the run, then 15# thrusters, then the run then 25# thrusters. And I finished with the 25# thrusters in 23:10.


It’s good to be able to run again. It’s still a little tweaky, but WAY better than it was…

Also, I’ve got weight to lose. Some is baby weight and some is weight I put on after Olivia was born. Regardless, Olivia and I are still nursing occasionally, 2-3 times a day, so I am reluctant to attempt any significant weight loss because I am convinced that fat soluble toxins will make it into my breast milk. So I am waiting until she weans to do a Whole30, or 60, or whatever it takes.

That said, I actually feel good about my body.

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