October 28, 2008

I thought it was cute that free hay was located in Liberty Mounds.


October 26, 2008

For weight-watchers who love Chipotle, this website is essential!

Tina Palin

October 25, 2008

From Nikki Finke.  Politics are funny.

During an interview with Time magazine, Sarah Palin was asked about Tina Fey’s imitation of her:

TIME: Tina Fey plays you sort of bubble-headed…
PALIN: That’s funny. I play her bubble-headed too when I imitate her.

Ron Howard

October 23, 2008

Even if you hate Barack, this political oeuvre from Ron and – the Fonz & Andy Griffith (for real) – is a reunion we probably won’t ever see again.


October 22, 2008

As prevously blogged, today ORU and the two professors Tim and Paulita Brooker had a mediation conference scheduled for today.  The result?  They have settled with the university, according to the TulsaWorld,, and another TulsaWorld.  Wow.


October 17, 2008

I had to share this video.  As I listened, my jaw dropped at the relevant literary brilliance.


October 17, 2008

Unless Ryan gets verbally-inspired, we will be post-lite for the next few weeks.  I’m in pre-prod (Ryan will join us in November) on an indie feature and the tides are heavy!

Check out the website for the film: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher!


October 10, 2008

Like most proficient internet users, I create and organize my bookmarks.  And I have a folder especially for coffee-related sites.  I just found a new website (while googling coffee terms – looking for one that started with P) and I thought it worth sharing.

Coffee Terms Illustrated is an illustrated glossary of coffee terminology. It’s gorgeously delightful for coffee-lovers. The image to the right is one for affogato. Look it up!

Incidentally, the p-word I settled on was “porta-filter.”  I should’ve thought of that one.


October 9, 2008

Shannon Muchmore of the TulsaWorld writes about the potential mediation conference set for October 22.  According to anonymous sources, Tim and Paulita Brooker, former ORU professors who sued the university more than a year ago, will discuss possible settlement terms at this conference.

I’m not yet sure what to think.  Part of me would be glad to see things settle down; but part of me would be rather dissapointed for the truth not to have a chance to see the light and for the drama not to play out in court – probably because I’m a storyteller and I like conflict.  Almost like I crave organized anarchy.  It’s interesting.  Not to mention contradictory.  Digressing…

I, like many alumni, feel that Richard Roberts’ simple action of stepping down from leadership of the university and Mart Green’s generous “golden shovel” donation (to dig ORU out of its financial hole) were simply not enough.  Much of my generation’s issue with the ORU administration during our terms there was about the complete and total lack of disclosure!  It, among other actions (or lack thereof) generated, or contributed to, the culture of fear that we perceived as students.  Big things happened… and they weren’t addressed.  We were treated like sheep, not clients.  We were treated like carbon-copy Christian sausages instead of the thinking, intelligent, ready-to-tackle-the-world, whole men and women they purported to be turning out.  Our problem lay in the fact that we were not addressed as coherent adults.  On most important matters regarding the administration of the university, we simply were not addressed.

And so it continues.  No word has been given from the current administration about the discoveries of the internal audit.  Yes, it’s internal; but whether negative or positive, it’s findings are relevant to ORU’s stakeholders.

I believe that hundreds, perhaps even thousands of potential donors wait in the wings, patient that ORU will someday straighten up and fly right and begin to communicate with clarity, maturity and professionalism when matters regarding the leadership or administration require disclosure.  When that happens, when ORU’s leadership, past, present or future, can admit fault, can admit failure, can admit the need for help, then I think the giant golden beast can begin to move forward.  Maybe even go for a jog down Riverside with this guy.

So if this lawsuit gets settled out of court and the details swept under the Prayer Garden rug, I’ll be more than a little displeased and, quite honestly, ever still reluctant to send my potentially generous donations toward South Tulsa.  I still believe in the faculty of ORU; and its potential to churn out great Christian thinkers and artists and businessmen (as well as nurses); but it will take humility and honesty on the part of its leaders to generate hope within me that the modus operandi of the past has changed.  Until then, I think I might still be a little skeptical.


October 6, 2008

Here are the top eight (8) reasons that you know it’s too late* to be out riding your bike.  You know it’s too late when…

8. You pack your sunglasses away.
7. You can’t read your wristwatch anymore.
6. The streetlamps start to come on.
5. Instead of being focused on the street, you find yourself admiring the sky.
4. You start breathing through your nose so you can stop swallowing bugs!
3. You’re grateful for the cars that come up behind you because they illuminate the road!
2. You see stars…

And the number one (1) reason why you know it’s too late to be out riding your bike:

1. You come up with this great list during the last mile and you’re afraid to post it because you know you’ll hear it from your mother!

* For the record, I was intending to be home by 7 PM but did not anticipate the huge hill in the middle so I got home 15 minutes later than I thought I would and it got darker 15 minutes earlier than I thought it would.


October 3, 2008

ROLE MODELS – This might be so culturally relevant it’s scary.  Then again, it might just be an excuse to say “boobies” a whole lot.  You decide.

FRONTRUNNERS – Or maybe this is the culturally relevant one.  The trailer doesn’t suggest to me that the film lives up to it’s promise as outlined in the description, but it looks insightful nonetheless.


October 2, 2008

I’m an INFP; though most would think I’m an extroverted judge.  Ah well.

Today, over at the new blog Routines for Writers, guest blogger and friend, Jennifer Dornbush, wrote about how our personality types can affect how we interact with our writing.  It was a delightfully eye-opening, self-understanding-perpetuating, cleverly written little blog entry.

As I was searching (once again) descriptions of the INFP personality, I found this website that refers to INFPs as “healer-idealists.”  Interesting.  More interesting was their list of famous INFPs (also found on typelogic’s website) where they suggest that Mary, the mother of God, was an INFP.  How on earth would anybody know that?