How to spot a Hipster

September 25, 2007

Step 1: Know what kind of hipster you’re looking for.  To that end, see this (in my opinion) comprehensive list of hipsters assembled by the very smart & scholarly Brett McCracken.  There’s three parts…

Hipsters, Part 1

Hipsters, Part 2

Hipsters, Part 3  

Step 2: Visit their native habitat

Step 3:  Step 3 is really cool. You probably haven’t heard of it yet, but by the time you do, the hipsters will have moved on to Step 4, because it is much cooler.  


September 20, 2007

I think it’s most interesting that in today’s word of  Kyla and Twitney that we also have people like this  who are  so  devoted!

My friend Darren found it first.