December 31, 2008

Yesterday, Ryan and I decided to bail on cleaning the apartment.  We hightailed it to Universal Studios for the day.  Before we left, we bought Annual Passes because it was only $5 more per ticket!  We printed out our ticket vouchers and headed to the looong parking line on the hill.

After waiting in line to park for about 45 minutes, we finally made it through the ode to capitalistic America that is Universal City Walk and we arrived at the Universal Studios Hollywood Gate.  Over to the left, past Group Sales, sat the Annual Pass Center, and another line.

At the Annual Pass Center, they handed us two lanyards.  Encased within were cards which read “All Access Pass.”  These were our golden tickets.

We headed immediately to The Simpsons Ride.  About to get into line, Ryan was hailed from behind, “Hey you in the green shirt!  Yeah you!”  This “Cast Member” had caught a glimpse of Ryan’s “All Access Pass.”  He queried, “Where are you guys gettin’ all these passes?!  You’re supposed to go down here.”  He directed us down the “Front of the Line” passholders path.  We waited for a total of five minutes.  The Simpsons Ride is foundationally, fundementally, and freakishly awesome by the way.

But we wondered, what have we around our necks?  We didn’t intend to purchase “Front of the Line” annual passes.  Did we?  We headed to another ride and waited in line there.  Then at another ride, we were invited to the front of the line.  And again it happened.  And again!  We walked right onto the Mummy roller coaster when it had a 30 minute wait time.  This is good because the Mummy roller coaster is supremely wretched.  If you have an opportunity to ride it, pass.  Go ride The Simpsons Ride again instead.

In the middle of the day, we were so confused about our Annual Passes that we stopped at an Info Booth and asked about them.  Nope!  We were right. We’d purchased simple Annual Passes – no “Front of the Line” privilages except for the Studio Tour.

But as continued throughout the park, people kept ushering us to the front of the line!  Ah well.  We enjoyed a line-free efficient, entertaining friendly day at the theme park because of a few confused college students and wanna-be actors.  Perhaps when we return to ride The Simpsons Ride again and finally see WaterWorld, we’ll be treated once again as the plebeians we are.

On a specific note, I sat mezmerized through the Terminator 2 3D show for the first time.  Very fun!


December 17, 2008

Tuscon, AZ – A member of the general public, a mister Ryan Fritzsche, was caught just within the Tuscon city limits going just a little too fast. The Arizona highway patrol officer, an especially nice mister Officer Holmes, issued a warning to Mister Fritzsche, effectually ensuring his place in heaven. A photo is included.

New Mexico

December 17, 2008

Still driving… We stopped for about a two hour nap this morning after driving thru the night. We’re about 150 miles from Tuscon.


December 17, 2008

We are in El Paso, TX and we’ve stopped at this cool little cafe to have lunch and coffee. They use Intelligencia beans and make great sandwiches.

I want to find the river but it kinda hard to get to!!


December 16, 2008

Ryan and I are on our way back home. We left Tulsa about thirty minutes ago. We’re excited to be going home and also feeling terribly excited and proud that. We’ve got a movie in the can. We just barely fit everything in my little car.

Ryan has grown a couple of new gray hairs but is very excited about the movie. He has a large very caffinated cappuccino and a determination to drive as far as he can tonight. Then I take over. I drove to Tulsa by myself. It’s nice to not only have help driving back; but to be the help!

I like being a wife. Being a movie producer ain’t so bad either… when it’s all said and done.

We’ll say more about the whole month of production once we get back to LA and get a chance to sleep.


December 13, 2008

Here we are at Topeca Coffee on our last day of filming with full crew. The Oklahoma winds are making their effects known outside and inside crew peeps are sleeping behind flags. We called background actors for 5 pm but we won’t need them for several hours so we’ve had to ask them to wait.

We’ve got a wrap party tonight at Jim and Nancy’s and a light day of MOS pickups tomorrow. Monday is for cutting the last few checks and making returns. Ryan and I will try to drive back on Tuesday. A giant storm is supposed to sweep the southwest from Tuesday until Friday. So Ryan and I will take a more southerly route to return to Cali…

Here’s a pic of the set today. And one of me and SP, our Locations Manager/Production Coordinator.


December 11, 2008

So we’ve reached day 23 of 25. We were supposed to shoot only 24 days but we had to push a few things. Tomorrow is a day off (for crew) and then we’ve got a day of shooting at Topeca Coffee and then a few day exteriors around Tulsa.

Below is a pic of us outside Jewel where we just wrapped. We had a great time at Jewel. Lots of great music, great performances, great shooting and great moments.


December 9, 2008

Here’s a quick photo from the set as we prepare to shoot round three.


December 8, 2008

Here I am waiting at the airport for our publicist. We’re on day 19 of what has become 25 days, not 24. I joined Marshall Bell this morning at two radio inteviews. One with Chuck and Greg at The Edge and one with Jason at The Sound. They’re shooting away at Jewel in Tulsa on Brookside right now. Everything is looking great…

This is Ray Seggern, our publicist.


December 6, 2008

My phone all but died a week ago and so Ryan and I took the plunge and finally bought iPhone’s! I’ve been downloading apps each night and just ran across the WordPress app. I’d forgotten that it existed.

I’m pretty excited about being able to blog any time, anywhere.

The photo is of the lamp that’s on right now next to my sleeping husband’s head.