January 30, 2009

Here’s a little taste of Los Angeles weather…


Poor me, right?

Actually it’s freezing in our apartment right now.  We’ve got the benefit of being nestled in a corner inbetween other apartments so it shouldn’t be so bad.  Warmer in the “winter” and cooler in the summer, right?  But right now, even with the sun streaming in our windows, our apartment is cold.  Later on today, we’ll turn off the heat when it finally hits 83’F.  But for now, we shiver.

That’s what we get for living in a desert.


November 28, 2007

If you’re looking for something to pass the time, I’d like to recommend FreeRice.

Basically, you play a vocab game and ads run across the bottom off the screen. The longer you play (or: the more words you get right), the more ad revenue they generate, and the more rice they’re able to donate through United Nations! For every word you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice (it was 10 grains, until yesterday). You increase your vocabulary and people who need it most get fed. Win-win!

Ryan and I were interested in how the math works out… On Monday, the website generated over 180,000,000 grains of rice. There’s about 7250 grains in one cup of rice. So Monday promised about 24,000 cups of rice. One cup of rice after it’s cooked will feed 2 to 4 people. So Monday fed 1 cup of cooked rice to between 48,000 to 96,000 people.

I think that’s worth a few minutes of your time learning vocabulary…


October 4, 2007

Check this out!  One laptop per child.  This is really neat.  Starting November 1st, you can spend a measily $400 and get a cool little kiddie laptop for yourself, your puppy or your neighbour’s kid, and the company will send another laptop to a child in some developing country.  I think it’s neat.  So does my friend Darren.


August 27, 2007

I personally believe that highlights in her Asian countries, like Iraq, would better support our brain over here in the USA Americas.

Blogged by bloggers around the world…


July 11, 2007

A lot of people tell us details about the atrocities in Africa. They focus on this girl who has lost her parents or that boy with the injuries and burns. 400,000 people have died. While these individuals are important, valuable, and worth helping (just like the turtle on the beach), sometimes it’s important to see the whole picture. This article by our friend Joe Cinocca sheds light on the web of reality that is directly affecting the situation in Darfur.

More info about the Darfur Conflict (aka genocide).

What you can do