Who is Gillian?

Gillian (aka gilliebean)

By Ryan

Formerly Gillian Rowe, the current Gillian Fritzsche enjoys long hikes in the mountains, lightly roasted coffee, and strong conversations. Her hobbies include crossfitting, racingshutterbugging, and professional housewifing. She also lovingly keeps her husband’s penchant for making up words in check.

And now… longer bio-licousness!

Gillian (IMDb) is an accomplished producer and production manager of award-winning professional theatre and independent film, with over fifteen years of experience who has recently transitioned to being a writer/director for film.  She is currently working on two short films (one called SONNY, the other call JERRY & DIANE), which will hopefully be seeable on the film festival circuit in 2012.

As a screenwriter, Gillian’s writing credits include produced stage plays, several screenplay treatments, a television pilot, two documentaries, a short film, published poetry, several “how-to” vignettes online, and even a rather lengthy business case study.  Gillian is a graduate of the acclaimed Act One Writing Program in Hollywood.  She is also a graduate of the Act One Executive Program, holds an MBA with a focus in Marketing from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada, and graduated with High Honors from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a BSc in Theatre/TV/Film Performance & Production.

Before moving to Hollywood, Gillian managed Pacific Theatre, an acclaimed professional live theatre company in Vancouver, British Columbia, successfully increasing both earned and unearned revenue and other resources during her tenure.  Gillian has also produced, directed, performed in and designed wardrobe for numerous theatrical productions.  As a business consultant, she helmed a major organizational overhaul for the Resource Centre for the Arts, the premiere arts organization in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Gillian’s film production experience began in 1999 at Halifax, Nova Scotia-based marketing giant Bristol Group (Ad-Vantage Productions) and later continued at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Impact Productions.  She worked at Red Ochre Productions in St. John’s, Newfoundland before switching to a professional career in theatre.

Gillian began the Hollywood leg of her film industry journey as Executive Assistant at Bicoastal Talent & Literary Agency, spent some time in post-production on Fox Television’s hit series Hell’s Kitchen and most recently served as the Executive Assistant to the Head of International Business at Hero Pictures International, an independent production company.

Along with many independent credits as Unit Production Manager, Director, and Producer, Gillian’s professional credits as a 1st AD include award-winning short films The Hitchhiker and Ducks, several documentaries including Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, and a pilot presentation for television called Burn on which she worked with Tandem Arts.  As a producer, Gillian has a number of short project to her name as well as the feature film The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher on which she worked with working with Tandem Arts and Hearth Creative.

An avid CrossFitter and amateur competition kickboxer, Gillian also enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, photography and long distance running.  She started with a half marathon in 2008, completed a sprint triathlon in 2009 and ran the 2010 L.A. Marathon! Gillian and her husband just moved to Brooklyn, New York where Gillian is pursuing a career as a motion picture writer/director. She blogs about this at her other website.

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