August 25, 2008

A while ago, when Ryan made me aware of Dr. James Dobson’s remarks about a speech Barack Obama gave back in 2006 entitled A Call To Renewal, I listened Dr. Dobson’s radio broadcast here and then I watched Obama’s entire speech (at the links here).

Dr. James DobsonWhile I may disagree with Dr. Dobson’s take on Obama’s statements, I must “be willing to speak in fair-minded terms.”* And so I’ve carefully removed from this post any statements I’d like to make about how Dr. Dobson could possibly be “using faith as a tool of attack.”*

People in public service have a duty to find balance between their personal beliefs as an individual and their constituency’s beliefs as a community. Otherwise, it’s not a democracy; it’s a monarchy. Regardless of our religious affiliations, it is impossible for mankind to always agree implicitly and wholly with others within his or or community. Even within this nations’ church communities, individuals need to find balance between the “beliefs of each and the good of the whole.”*

Those in public office have a duty to engage with what Obama calls a pluristic society. Just like those of us writing screenplays will write better, more authentic and accessible stories when we include more than our own point of view, those in public office must find balance.

But this prescription is not for everyone. Those who do not find themselves in a public forum, while they must balance their individual beliefs with the community consensus in order to find peace (think local church or community center), they should feel quite free to engage in peaceful activities that promote those views to which they hold most strongly. There is a season for everything. A season to fight and a season to reason together.

My strong hope is that Christians would not fear Obama (or McCain for that matter), tolerance, balanced discussion or even their Muslim neighbour; but that Christians would rationally think and humbly pray about what it means to make a loving choice in response to the dissonance and pluralism in this world. The Bible says “seek first the kingdom,” not “defend first the kingdom.” The kingdom is capable of defending itself. Ours is to love and obey God, and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.

* All quotes from Barack Obama’s speech in 2006 entitled A Call To Renewal.

“Suburbia is the New Slum” or “Inner City as the New American Dream”

June 16, 2008

As an urban dweller, I found this article from CNN quite interesting.  

Although I’m relatively young, I still find myself drawn to the appeal of the non-urban lifestyle, but I think much of that may simply be because I live in a city that has many of the liabilities of the urban communities described in this article, such as pollution, traffic, crime, congestion, but where the particularly high cost of living and lack of public transportation, or a “Walkable Urbanism”, minimize the benefit of the urban lifestyle that this article describes as so appealing.

Abortion as Art

May 3, 2008

Our friend & film critic Brett McCracken has a fascinating write-up about some absurd happenings at Yale here.

*sigh*  Relativism continues to take its toll on the noble traditions of both reason and art.


March 27, 2008

The news is always breaking.  Someone should call a repairman.

Triple-Digit Interest Rates

February 16, 2008

No Comment.  I don’t know what to think. 


December 1, 2007

Evel Knievel died yesterday in his home. A lovely obituary was posted by Patricia Sullivan of the Washington Post.

In a related story, I find it morbidly interesting that the three obituary writers for the Washington Post have a blog.



November 1, 2007

The LATimes is in the know. Writers will be no-show… they’ll find out when, tomorrow. As the emails go, through the internet. The time will be set. By the Board of Direc-

…tors. They’re no Thor; but, this might score… the writers more points. On the back end. Hopefully they’ll send… the companies a message. What rhymes with message? The movie Over the Hedge? That’s one I never saw. This writer’s strike is raw.

P.S. Posted and scripted e-material.

P.P.S.  Writers are punny.

SOCAL FIRES: Hollywood Burning – An Update

October 24, 2007

Everyone keeps wondering how we’re doing down here in flaming socal, worried about how close we are to the fires. Just to let everyone know, we are feeling the effects of them, but we are quite far from danger. There is quite a bit of smoke hazing over the entire region, and we’ll likely be seeing a lot of ash on our cars this week. Air conditions in L.A. are poor as well. However, we’re staying inside and using the air conditioner to filter the air, and everything is fine here. The closest fire – Malibu – is still a good 20 or 30 miles away and there’s a lot of concrete between there and us. So, while everything else is Southern California seems to be burning down, Hollywood is relatively safe. We definitely encourage prayers for the over 1 million residents that have been evacuated, particularly in San Diego county. It’s a pretty big disaster there.


October 24, 2007

These fires are an “act of man.”  Ironically this statement was made at a women’s convention.  The QuickVote on CNN.com’s main US News page shows that 73% of people think that the fires are an “act of man” and not an “act of God”; and yes, they capitalized “God.”

Seriously though, many people are asking that question: “why do we continue to live – to increase the population of – a region that is so unsafe?”  Earlier today I’d seen an article on how Californians are loath to logically consider the real risk of living in this area because the frequency of the natural disasters in this region aren’t consistent enough for us to take note!  I wish I could link to it, but I can’t find it now.  Thoughts?

ORU LAWSUIT: major update

October 12, 2007

They’ve amended the suit. And it’s definitely salacious now.

PS: the board is sorry.

PPS: Lindsay will not sit idly by!

G-Update: The revised suit is here. And here’s the first article from the Tulsa World about the updates.


  1. they’ve added The Board of Regents as defendants, alleging civil negligence.
  2. they’ve alleged that a sexual deviant was hired and given unlimited access to students
  3. they’ve included the whole version of Stephanie’s “report”.
  4. they mention having photos as evidence of Lindsay with her underage “friend”.

Also, the AP writer, Justin J., was on the plane with the Roberts when they flew to see Larry. His article is here. April M. from the Tulsa World was also on the plane. Here’s her story.


October 12, 2007

Is this irony? Krista’s an ORU grad.

She’s also a friend! I’m so proud!

While we’re on the subject of videos, I found one of Ted Haggard. It’s after the whole thing went public and before any trial, I believe. In this video, he mentions that he put himself on an extended suspension from his pastors role and he resigned from the NAE, because, as he said in the video:

“…both of those roles are based on trust and right now my trust is questionable.”



October 12, 2007

Or the better question is: are you right-brained or a left-brained?

Which direction is this dancer turning? Clockwise or counter?

Your answer is down under in this Herald Sun Article.

Thanks to my jazzy friend!

My Hometown

October 10, 2007

Strange findings in Richmond.


October 6, 2007

Richard Roberts & the Board of Regents have issued another statement.

G-Update: I find comments #20 and #21 particularly interesting. Here’s an excerpt… Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, the horror….

September 22, 2007

Winter Storm & Flooding  

Key Quote:  “In Los Angeles, the storm was not as bad as feared.” 

What wimps we are….  

(with good reason


August 26, 2007

Just watched the trailer for Lions for Lambs with Ryan. My first reaction was “They are capitalizing on the current social and global situation! How dare they!?” But then I remembered how many well-intentioned theatre artists have lamented the fact that plays which deal with social issues – plays that are social commentary – do not typically get bums in seats. So let’s capitalize on Tom Cruise to raise social issues in the minds of the general movie-going public! Great idea.

Ryan’s reaction was, “It just seems so heavy-handed!” To which I replied, “But an artist, if he’s being an honest artist, is incapable of being objective.” And I really think so. An honest artist has to write-produce-create from a place of subjectivity. You might say, “A producer should be objective!” But a producer is an artist too! “Well, then, the studio should be objective! It’s a corporate entity!” But the studio is operating in an artistic medium!

Frankly, I think the studios, producers, directors, screenwriters, filmmakers responsibility is NOT to be objective or to raise objective questions. Perhaps we could make that argument of documentarians (Mike Moore might disagree), but I strongly defend the artist’s right to react honestly to the world as he see it – whether that artist is a student filmmaker, a community theatre cat, or a studio producer.

Whatever brings the social issues of the day to the forefront of the minds of the general movie-going public is a good thing, right?

Watch the trailer. What do you think?

I think he’s in cahoots with the seagulls

July 26, 2007

you’ve heard of thoughtcrime, how about scootercrime?


July 26, 2007

$101 Million


July 26, 2007

No, it’s not a nun joke.

It’s either a really cool thing or a strange form of censorship.


July 11, 2007

A lot of people tell us details about the atrocities in Africa. They focus on this girl who has lost her parents or that boy with the injuries and burns. 400,000 people have died. While these individuals are important, valuable, and worth helping (just like the turtle on the beach), sometimes it’s important to see the whole picture. This article by our friend Joe Cinocca sheds light on the web of reality that is directly affecting the situation in Darfur.

More info about the Darfur Conflict (aka genocide).

What you can do