The pubic symphysis achy-ness is getting better but still not quite better. Also, I briefly tried sprinting this week, but I could tell my ligaments still need a bit more time. However, the GOOD news is that while they are still sore, they ARE much better than before. Yay!

I’m still a little squishy and just barely fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans. But I’m reluctant to cut carbs because I’m still breastfeeding. Cognitively, I know it shouldn’t make much of a difference to my milk supply, but I’m still a little nervous about it. That said, I know I can lose the extra weight. I’ve done it before. I know how I did it. And I feel confident that once my little babe weans I will be able to do it again. So for now, I’m enjoying being a new mommy. I’ll pull out the pride card later and go for the postpartum weight loss gold after I’m done nourishing a child.


She. Is. Amazing. It seems like she’s learning and growing Every. Single. Day.

She practices her sit-ups and her leg-raises on her own. Just like as if it were her natural instinct or something (which it is!). She’s getting more familiar and “okay with” tummy time. Her neck strength is even better than two weeks ago when the doc was impressed with it! Her hand-eye coordination seems like it improves daily. It’s so interesting to watch. How she plays with her “toys” changes based on her ability to control them. And yes, they each make their way to her mouth as she explores everything in that way.

And her sleep is getting better and better. Earlier in her life, she was flying way below average. Now she’s right about average. It makes her happier and it makes me happier – both because I’m getting more sleep and because she is!


This plan (one WOD per week plus a few short KB workouts) is working out better for me (schedule-wise and recovery-wise) than the previous plan of two WODs per week.

Tuesday, June 17 – 100 KB Swings 15#

Wednesday, June 18 – 60 KB 1-arm high pulls each arm 15#

Thursday, June 19 – rest

Friday, June 20 – rest (this was supposed to be a KB day, but oh well!)

Saturday, June 21 

Here’s what the WOD was…

  • 3 Rounds of: 200M Sprint; 1 minute rest between efforts
  • Push Press- 1/1/1/1/1 (Max Effort/15 Minute Cap)
  • 3 RFT of: 500M Row/21 Push Press (115/75)/20 Jump Lunges each leg/500MRow/15 Push Press/20 Jump Lunges each leg/500M Row/9Push Press/20 Jump Lunges each leg

And here’s what I did…

  • 3 rounds of 1 min rope undulation; 1 min rest between efforts

Because of pubic symphysis pain (which as I mentioned is getting better but is still nagging), I can’t run. So instead of the sprints (to which I had been looking forward!), I did rope undulation – 3 x 1 min (with 1 min rest between sets).

  • Push Press => 5×15, 1×35, 1×45, 1×55, 1×65

My 1RM for this is 75#. I was hoping to attempt that but ran out of time.

Met Con… I did 35# and regular lunges instead of jumping lunges because of the previously mentioned pain. Yes, it makes a difference. I finished *at* the time cap, 25:00.

P.S. Olivia finally christened the gym. She spit-up on the med balls!


Here’s a photo!

Olivia at 15 weeks! Happy baby.

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