A New Minimalist Shoe Resource

January 11, 2011

One of my favourite barefoot / minimalist shoe bloggers, Damien, who, by the way, has a new minimalist shoe review up, has started a great new resource for minimalist shoe enthusiasts.  It’s called Toe Salad.  If you like barefooting, or minimalist shoes, or even MovNat, you should check his websites out!

Carbs! Not fat!

December 20, 2010

So excited to see this in the news!!

Scientists now saying carbs, not fat, are to blame for America’s ills – latimes.com.

My Current Workout Regime

December 9, 2010

I just moved, with my husband, across the country – from LA to NYC.  I was doing weekly sprints ( more like monthly, but I was doing them!), sporadic strength training, and occasional walks with my hubby.  But then we started packing!

Since the first empty box was opened until now (except for a brief run over Thanksgiving at my husband’s parent’s home) I haven’t done much exercise.  That is, I haven’t done much single-purpose exercise (ie. exercise for the sake of exercise).  What I *have* done is:

  • lift and carry heavy and awkward items
  • move heavy boxes
  • assemble IKEA furniture
  • move said furniture around the apartment without scratching the floors
  • acquire and carry home heavy bags of household goods
  • climb up onto the counters and climb back down again, over and over

And because we’re in NYC, there’s also…

  • walk
  • walk
  • walk

So we’re getting exercise!  My muscles can attest!  And we’ve been getting the Erwan Le Corre-type of exercise…  Sorta!

Once we get really settled in, I’ll figure out where to run my sprints.  But in the meantime, I’m not stressed about not getting “regular” exercise.

Getting around Injinji!

August 27, 2010

Don’t get me wrong.  I *love* my Injinji socks.  I’ve just got a tight budget right now and can’t buy enough for every day of the week!  So how do I wear my Vibrams without buying a ton of special socks?  Simple.  I make toeless socks.

They’re like fingerless gloves…

…but they’re for your feet!

It’s simple!  Take a pair of socks that you want to wear with your Vibrams and put them on your feet! Read the rest of this entry »


March 9, 2010

I get daily emails from Steep And Cheap dot com.  They have hourly outdoor gear deals that are sometimes “downright criminal.”

I have no idea who writes the Daily Dose, but they’re really hilarious sometimes.  Other times they have no point.  But I like reading them nonetheless.  Especially because they’re short.  Here’s one:

I went to school sick on the day my 8th grade science teacher was running experiments in the hallway. He setup a course for a radio-controlled car and handed out stopwatches to everyone in the class. We lined the halls at the ready. I took a seat against the locker since the floor felt more stable with my back against the wall. It’s kind of like the story that if you’re lying in bed and it feels like the bed is spinning, then you’re supposed to put one foot on the ground. Not sure if that works. Our class was timing the R/C car’s run down the hall, but our teacher couldn’t keep the car straight and we had to keep starting over. This experiment was, by all accounts, one of the cooler ones. It had us out of the classroom and holding stopwatches. The bar for cool experiments was set pretty low. At some point my frustration with my teacher’s R/C driving ability bubbled over, and I mumbled something along the lines of ‘come on man, let’s get this over with’ under my breath. He overheard, and as a self-appointed cool teacher in our school, had me try to drive the car instead of disciplining me in front of the class. I did terrible, and I’m pretty sure our whole class handed in incomplete work since we hadn’t collected enough data. Thinking back, I never really took school too seriously, so the most baffling thing to me about the whole thing is that I was there on day I was even a tiny bit sick.

Click here to find out how Steep And Cheap works.

P.S. I’m not gettin’ any loot for this post.  I just think it’s a good idea and the emails are cute.

For the record…

February 28, 2010

My father sent me this email after the Canada-USA Gold medal hockey game today (the game that Canada won!!):

From: Daddy
Subject: For the record
Date: February 28th, 2010

  • Canada sets a personal best record for most medals in a Winter Olympics: 26 previous best 24.
  • Canada sets a record for most golds by a host country in a Winter Olympics: Norway 10 in 94, US 10 in 2002, Canada 14 in 2010.
  • Canada sets a record for most gold medals in any Winter Olympics: Soviet Union 13 in 76, Norway 13 in 2002 and Canada 14 in 2010.

Gillian if you want you can post on facebook.Love you


Okay, Daddy!  I’ve posted it!  I love you and I’m so proud to be your daughter and to be Canadian!

UPDATE: The New York Times hit the nail on the head with this piece on our hockey gold!

Wet Grass

February 2, 2010

I went down to the Rose Bowl for my sprints this morning.  The grass had received a buzz-cut and it was rather wet.

My vibrams ended up looking like this!

It was a good workout.  I ran further and faster than ever and felt great afterwards.