May 3, 2009

Today I took the amtrak down to the San Diego area for a business meetin’.   I got up at the crack o’ dawn, 6 AM so that my loving husband could drive me down to Union Station to catch the 7:20 to San Diego.  The 7:20 to San Diego.  That sounds neat.

We rode through much of urban Los Angeles and Orange County before turn west to the beaches.  I saw lots of awesome graffiti.  Amy R, you and I should go to the OC to shoot our graffiti photos!  Also, I hadn’t realized that the Anaheim stop is right next to Angel Stadium.  Hm…  easy to get to.  Ack!  I just ended a sentence with a dangling preposition!  Shame on me…


Once the novelty of being on a train (first time since 2002 except for the wine train on our honeymoon) wore off and I became bored with the stimulating Orange County scenery, and once the large coffee began to work its magic, I turned to my computer and the notes I’d made for the meeting.  My brand spankin’ new laptop’s battery is strong and hearty.  It lasts for more than five hours.  Yum!

I had a great meeting in (or near) Oceanside.  We had breakfast at a fun little diner in the middle of an industrial park.  It was a lovely day and a fabulous meeting.  The coffee was a boost and my huevos rancheros were quintessentially diner-licious.

The trip back north was sunny and lovely.  The beaches were full of surfers and children.  Often, people bathing on towels were just yards away.  So close I could’ve spit on ’em!

All in all it was a lovely experience and, consequently, I now recommend the train for travel to SD.


June 24, 2008

Kewet Buddy EVRyan just saw a post for this new electronic vehicle from Norway: the Kewet Buddy EV. Here’s a cute little youtube vid of some brits test driving it.


June 24, 2008

Just read this interesting article by John Staddon in The Atlantic.  It’s about traffic and the difference between the signage in the UK and the signage in the US (and their negatively correlated traffic death statistics).  But it’s more potently about how Americans prefer to be able to drive the speed they want around a blind curve at night in the rain without consequence.  It’s about how this society craves freedom but expects rules and restrictions.  And about how when rules are lifted and we’re expected to use our own judgment, we fear our own inadequacies and the inadequacies of others.  We are reluctant to expect ourselves and our neighbours to make effective decisions.  And so, despite our desire for freedom, we crave the signage that John argues is making our roads less safe and our traffic-related deaths higher.  Strange.

I think he’s in cahoots with the seagulls

July 26, 2007

you’ve heard of thoughtcrime, how about scootercrime?


June 27, 2007

So things are good in LaLaLand for Gilliebean and Fritch. He goes to work daily to wrestle with logos and little animated girls with large feet. I work on my script(s) and sometimes my lattes or other espresso beverages, but most often I’m in class just below this sign. Coming up very soon, I’ll be interning three days a week at a talent/literary agency! But other more exciting things are happening at Club Fritch

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May 29, 2007 has a now-quite-common feature that allows you to build their new re-lease, the Rabbit.  What’s cute about this feature, besides their flash animations while building the car, is that you can breed your rabbit with other rabbits at the end.  Worth the 3 minutes!