MAY 27

May 27, 2009

Here’s a little update about life at Club Fritch.


I’ve been writing!  And I just completed the first draft on a screenplay that I’ve been writing for a producer in San Diego.  Woot!  I’m gonna get notes tonight and then I’ll start revisions.  It feels good to complete the first draft of another screenplay.  It feels like having climbed to the top of one end of a mountain range.  Woohoo!  I’m at the top!  But now I know that I have a whole mountain range (of revisions) to travel to get to the end -a script that’s ready for production.

But this process so far has been a real joy.  Why?  Other than the fact that I’ve really jived with this producer and he gives good notes, I’ve enjoyed it because it’s been an organized process.  We started with a story idea and fleshed it out into the 8-point story structure.  Then I fleshed that out into a 30-beat outline.  Then he had notes.  Then I fleshed it out into a step outline (about 67 “scenes”).  Then he had notes.  And a few others had notes.

And we talked about those notes.  Then I took that outline and wrote the script!

It was just a healthy rewarding writing process!  And in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I love the re-writing process.  So I’m even looking forward to that.  Yay!


Club Fritch has a third member these days.  Justin Monroe has been our half-time resident.  He shows up in the morning with cappuccinos (yum!) and stays all day.  I make them (Ryan and Justin) lunch and I make them dinner (most days).  I have to make it for myself so I might as well make it for them too, eh?

The film is coming together.  They’re very close to a director’s cut.  Exciting!  Then the rest of the producers will weigh in and we’ll start the refining process.  But it’s looking good!


Ryan and I are leaving on Saturday morning for a whole week at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with Ryan’s family!!  We are so excited!  It’s my first time there since I was seven years old!  Ryan was there last in 1999 I think.  It’s going to a fun, relaxing time.  We’ve got a park-hopper pass and we’ve paid for our meals up front and all that jazz.  I’m even thinking about not bringing my laptop for the sake of relaxation.  But I’ll have my iPhone.  So I can still blog and facebook and email.  I’m not that free from technology.


When Ryan and I get back from Florida, he’ll have more work to do on the film.  And I’ll have more writing waiting for me as well as some headshots to take (of other people).  At some point soon I’ll get my own headshots taken.  But that’s future-stuff.

After that, we don’t know!  More editing for Ryan?  More writing for me?  More producing for both of us!?  Exciting times!


April 16, 2008

…producing a movie is kind of like that. One foot in front of the other. Just keep takin’ the next step. Write your lists. Rewrite your lists. Make the phonecalls. Have the conversations. Make the decisions. Massage the budgets. And I’m just one of five! We’re trying to do a lot in a short amount of time.

Screenwriting is also like a marathon. Except, it’s like a marathon where you don’t already know the route. You have to discover it as you go. In consultation with other runners. And you might need to backtrack and go down a different street. It’s like a marathon with a constantly changing route.

May we all wear comfortable, er, gloves?

Moving confidently forward, one grunting, sweaty, shuffling step at a time…


March 18, 2008

Hey friends… Ryan and I are very busy these days. I’ve just started the Act One (Saturday) Writing Program. I’m working part-time at Hero Pictures (they’re producing The Private Lives of Albert Einstein) and I’m also getting my voice acting demos out to agents very soon.

Finally, both Ryan and I are on the producing team of a feature film entitled The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher about which we’re very excited! So producing activities for that are taking up a lot of our time. Yup! We’re busy!

Just wanted to give a little update on the Team Fritch activities… Hope you’re all happy and healthy! Blessings… Us.

P.S. We went to Disney’s California Adventure on Sunday! Photos are here!!