December 1, 2009

TMZ often posts pictures of people who look like other people and says things like “Sarah Gilbert Looks Weird” and sometimes I think they’re hitting the nail on the head.  Other times, they’re just being mean.  But that’s TMZ.

A few nights ago, Amy Mac and I watched “The House Bunny” and laughed and enjoyed girly-ness.  We thought the romantic male lead was kinda cute in an awkward way and watching the credits we saw his name, Colin Hanks, and realized…  that’s TOM HANKS’ SON!

I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan.  Huge.  I haven’t seen all his movies, but I’ve liked him in every movie in which I’ve seen him.  I’ve had an actor-crush on him since Big (1988) and Turner & Hooch (1989).

To realize that his son was acting, and rather well, was super fun.  So, true to girly form, Amy and I looked at pictures of Colin on Google.

We looked at many photos and finally concluded that while Colin is pretty cute, young Tom was cuter…

But then we came across this picture of Young Colin…

And I exclaimed, “Oh!  I like him in this photo!”

Amy turned to me and laughed.  “Why are you laughing?” I asked.

“He looks like Ryan in this photo!” she explained.  He does, I wondered?

He does!!

Apparently, I have a type.  Love you Ryan!



March 5, 2009

Today, I worked out with Tom Hanks at the Rose Bowl.

Well… He was running one direction and I was biking the other and I passed him going rather fast three times.  So I’m not exactly sure that it was Tom Hanks; but it sure looked like Tom Hanks and it’s really fun to think it might-a could-a been Tom Hanks.

If it was, he was working out really hard.  Well done, Tom!

If it wasn’t, some guy who looks like Tom Hanks sure sweats a lot.


January 31, 2009

I have a friend who has a similar favourite romantic company as me.  We both love “You’ve Got Mail”.  Actually, we’re both Norah Ephron fans in general.  But we love “You’ve Got Mail”.  A while back, we’d gotten together to watch the movie and ended up just quoting the entire thing the whole way through and giggling and sighing like school girls!  It was awesome.

While I was in Tulsa last year, in the Fall (update coming soon), she’d tried to send me a little gift!  It somehow never came through.  Last night I had a lovely time with some friends here in Los Angeles.  We ate yummy food and watched a movie.  Our hostess had rented two movies, “Get Smart” and “Kung Fu Panda” and we were trying to decide which one to watch when my friend showed up…

She showed up with that little gift for me.  They were little “happy birthday” pencils, all sharpened, and wrapped in tissue paper.  I looked at them and thought, “How cute!”  And she waited…  And then it hit me!  A bouquet of newly sharpened pencils!

Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address..”

…says Joe Fox to Kathleen Kelly in an email when they first start emailing at the beginning of the film.

So that got us girls talking about romantic comedies for a long time, listing our favourites, and laughing and giggling about screen kisses, comparing versions (“Pride & Prejudice”)…  And in that conversation, “The Wedding Singer” came up.  So our hostess said, “I’ve actually got ‘The Wedding Singer’!”  And that is what we watched.  She’d rented an action and an animation, and we ended up watching “The Wedding Singer”.

…all because of a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.

Stay tuned for more Team Fritch update:

  • Duncan Christopher
  • Christmas in Hawaii
  • Our Visit to Virginia
  • Settling Back Into California Life