ORU LAWSUIT: Lawsuit to be Amended

June 18, 2008

According to this Tulsa World page of briefs, the lawsuit from student Cornell Cross, that he filed in November, has been dismissed by a Tulsa county judge today.  Here’s some quotes:

ORU and other defendants argued that Cross essentially was alleging educational malpractice, which cannot be the basis for a lawsuit under Oklahoma law, defense attorney John Tucker said.

…one of Cross’ attorneys said he plans to file a new version of the lawsuit with more details about the allegations.  Cross has until early July to amend his lawsuit.

Cornell graduated from ORU last month with a bachelor’s degree.  Among other things, Cornell was arguing that his degree has been devalued by the events at ORU last fall.

What do readers of this blog think?

Does a student’s degree become devalued by events such as these?  Take the events at Texas Southern University.  Priscilla Slade, the ex-president, and three aids, were charged with misusing university funds.  Slade was accused of spending more than $500,000 of the financially strapped school’s money on personal expenses, such as furnishing and landscaping her home.  Does that mean that the education acquired by students from Texas Southern University during her tenure is less valuable because she misused their money?

Here’s an update on Slade from this Houston Chronicle story:

Slade, after her first trial ended with a hung jury, pleaded no contest to the charges and promised to repay $130,000 to avoid jail time. Prosecutors also required her to read a letter of apology in court.



November 13, 2007

President Priscilla’s first trial ended in a hung jury.  She’ll be retried in the spring.

Key quote: Slade was president of TSU… She could have been sentenced to life in prison if convicted of misapplication of fiduciary property with a value over $200,000…


October 11, 2007

Here is an interesting New York Times article! I thought it offered new perspectives.

And here is a very interesting article from Tulsa World about Richard Roberts, Fred Creek and the local political landscape in which ORU lies.

Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Texas, President Priscilla of TSU is accused of spending more than $500,000 of Texas Southern University‘s money on personal expenses according to this Houston Chronicle article.  I wonder if President Priscilla’s case will set a precedent…

Waka waka waka!

Juicy details about it in this abc13.com article.  Texas Southern University has just under 10,000 students enrolled this year.  Almost twice as big as ORU.