May 23, 2009

…need anti-inflammatory.

Today I was out for a quick run (20 minutes, 2 miles) and about 1/4 of the way, I hit a crack and went flying, tumbling and rolling across the pavement.  I was okay.  My hip hurt a little and my shoulder was scratched up, but I finished my run and felt fine.  However, about halfway through the afternoon my hip started aching.

I knew from my time spent with a great physiotherapist in Glendale that while inflammation serves a purpose, it also can hinder the healing process.

So I went lookin’ on one of my favourite food/health websites for some answers.

  • Here’s a post on the great effects of olives on the body, one of which is as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Here’s one about tea and its anti-inflammatory properties (among others).
  • Here’s list of foods that help reduce inflammation in the short term.
  • Here’s a list of ways in which to reduce inflammation over the long term.
  • And here’s a list of medication alternatives.

So after reading quickly through these posts, I promptly went to the kitchen and downed two aged garlic pills and four green olives stuffed with jalapeño peppers.  Yum!

I’d rather eat olives than down some nsaids any day!