Paleo/Primal Food Pyramid

October 13, 2010

April 20, 2011 – UPDATE: Do you want your own poster, mug, or t-shirt with this design on it?  Get one here at my CafePress store! Or at Paleo Skin!

January 11, 2011 – UPDATE: I’m delighted if you’d like to use this pyramid in your blog, but please credit me appropriately.  Thank you!

I’ve been frequenting the PaleoHacks website in order to stay motivated and fine tune my paleo/primal diet, even while I’m in the midst of my food allergy jazziness.  A few months ago, someone asked what a paleo food pyramid would look like.  Here was my attempt!

In case you’re wondering, this would indeed be my personal recommendation for optimal health based upon my experience and research.  It also, strangely, sends us toward a more kind diet for the environment.  But more on that later…



April 12, 2010

It’s a good thing.  I consider it mother nature’s vaccine.  I like to play in it.  Grow stuff in it.  And sling it at that cute boy I married.  

We can tend to sometimes think of dirt as dead.  Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, ya know?  But dirt is a community of organisms.  It’s alive.  And we’re killing it.

Modern agricultural practices are eating away at our soil.

One of my favourite food bloggers linked to a new film called, you guessed it, DIRT.

Here’s the trailer…

Just like FOOD INC, KING CORN, and BIG RIVER were all films worth talking about, DIRT is worth our time.

Simple Meatballs

February 19, 2010

I tried something spontaneous tonight with my ground beef.  I looked in my Joy of Cooking book for some ideas and found recipes for German Meatballs, Italian Meatballs, and Swedish Meatballs.  I was on the phone with my mother and I asked her if only three countries ever made meatballs.  My mother is an awesome audience.  I’m always hilarious when she’s my audience.  Anyway!

I looked at all three recipes and looked at my cupboards and based on what I had, I came up with the recipe below!  They’re classified as primal because I’m not using tomato products or bread or wheat flour.  I was super delighted with how they turned out!

Simple Meatballs

  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup almond flour (or coconut flour)
  • 3 cloves crushed garlic

And if you’re feeling spicy, add:

  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • dash pepper
  • dash salt

Whisk the egg in a small bowl. Dump it and everything else in a bowl and mash together with clean hands. Shape into 2″ balls. Pan fry for 15 minutes in coconut oil or butter on medium heat, until meatballs are cooked inside. Or try baking them for 20 minutes at 350’F just to see if that’s easier.

They stuck together really well and were very yummy.  Super easy and super quick!

Nourishing Food Foundations e-Course

February 11, 2010

UPDATE (2010-02-12): Wardeh posted a sneak-peak of her e-course here – Basic Soaked Muffins!

Have you been hearing about the Weston A Price Foundation and wondered what they’re about?  Have you been getting recipes from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions and wondering why she recommends soaking, fermenting or sprouting grains?  Have you been hearing about lacto-fermented veggies and wondered how to make them?  Are you someone who likes a little help and instruction?

Well then, Wardeh Harmon’s GNOWFGLINS e-course is for you!

Here’s a brief overview: Read the rest of this entry »


December 11, 2009

For years, I’ve often wondered why on earth I was going to have to have my wisdom teeth removed (which I did, in July).  Why did I have teeth naturally grow in that would have to be unnaturally removed in my 20s?  What did they do hundreds of years ago without the modern dentist?  Who removed their wisdom teeth then?  What about eskimos and primitive peoples?

Dentists never seemed to be able to answer my questions.  They would usually say, “You may not have to have them removed.”  “Some people don’t; but most do.”  “They’ll cause problems later.”  But none of them could say why it was necessary in general!  Why on earth have several generations of humans had to have their third molars removed!!?

Well, now I know.

I just finished reading a book (online) that pretty much gave me the answer.  The book is called “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” and it’s by Weston A. Price.

Regardless of how you feel about his research (ie. whether you’re vegan or paleo or a weight watcher), it’s obvious from the context of the book that the prevailing thought in the 1930s was that the removal of the third molars was a new practice that was caused by a deformation or malformation of the dental arch!  Deformation.  Yes.  All of us who are having our third molars removed are, in fact, deformed.  Deformed?!  Yes.

Why are we all deformed? Read the rest of this entry »


December 7, 2009

Do you remember going to a Pizza Hut as a kid?  My family would go at least once a month.  We’d go to the one down on Topsail Rd.  I remember the warm lit booths.  The salad bar.  The arcade games.  I remember going often with just my momma because Daddy was out to sea.  Often my mother would take a group of my little friends.  And sometimes it was just our family, when Daddy was home.  I loved Pizza Hut.  And I believed that my body was a garbage disposal, that it could deal with anything I consumed!  Including many slices of a supreme pizza and a bacon bits smothered salad drenched in ranch dressing.

I would expect that in the 1980’s, when we got that ranch dressing at Pizza Hut, that it might have had some preservatives in it; but it was probably mostly real ranch dressing.  Like the kind you’d find over in Santa Barbara.  It probably had buttermilk or sour cream, mayonnaise, minced green onion, garlic powder, and other seasonings.  Any maybe something to keep it from going bad.  It’d probably come in a big tup straight from California too!

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed time with friends at a Pizza Hut in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles.  It was mildly disappointing.  There was no table service.  No salad bar (and in fact no salads on the menu at all!).  And no ranch dressing.  Well, not *real* Ranch Dressing.  One of the guests ordered hot wings and this is what came with them:

Here’s the ingredient list: Read the rest of this entry »


November 17, 2009

I’ve currently got five containers on my counters that are various food things in various stages of completion or fermentation.

(from right to left)

Sauerkraut – I just threw this one together a few minutes ago – cabbage, chiles, sea salt, and whey.  I mashed it all together and then smashed it all into a jar.  In a week or so, I’ll taste it.  Yum!  Last time was too salty.  I used less salt this time.  We’ll see how it turns out.

Yoghurt – I’ve got a jar of milk and greek yoghurt that’s culturing into a full jar of yoghurt.

Kishk – I’ve got a cracked wheat and rolled oat mixture fermenting with some homemade yoghurt in order to make a Middle Eastern food which will become kishk granola on Thursday when I add coconut and raisins.

Sourdough Sponge – my sourdough sponge is proofing.  Tomorrow I’ll add the rest of the whole wheat flour and water and let the dough rise its first rising.

Hazelnut-Cocoa Spread (aka Primal/Vegan Nutella) – I roasted my Hazelnuts today.  They’re cooling on the stove before I grind them into paste tomorrow!

Besides the large mound of rabbit-like dishes, that’s what’s happening in my kitchen!

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