August 27, 2008

…from Trader Joe’s make me happy.  Only $4.49!



January 31, 2008

We celebrated by inviting a few friends over…  Wonderful, darling friends whom I love dearly.  I left the camera out to take photos of them all; but forgot about it in the joy of having those beloved people around me.  So I’ve only got two photos to show…

1. The flowers and card my husband got me.

2. The already consumed, perfectly chocolaty, yellowy-decorated cake.

With this birthday, I think I’ve realized that I’m finally accepting adulthood. I’m sure I’ve accepted adulthood in other forms, other fashions, and other ways before, but… I think I’ve finally really for-realsies accepted adulthood. I feel a more better strength inside me to be responsible ‘n stuff. To do things like balance my checkbook and eat my vegetables (perhaps I’m ready to be a mommy too!?).

I think that I’ve reached a point in my life where I have little fear left. I feel more free to do as I must and as I wish in a more balanced manner than ever before. That’s maturity, I think. I feel encouraged to “move confidently forward in the direction of my dreams” in a more grounded, realistic, and ultimately meaningful way than before.

Tomorrow I might wasteful, possibly fearful, and even lazy… But today… today I’m 13 going on 30. I am woman. Hear me pontificate!