June 24, 2008

Just read this interesting article by John Staddon in The Atlantic.  It’s about traffic and the difference between the signage in the UK and the signage in the US (and their negatively correlated traffic death statistics).  But it’s more potently about how Americans prefer to be able to drive the speed they want around a blind curve at night in the rain without consequence.  It’s about how this society craves freedom but expects rules and restrictions.  And about how when rules are lifted and we’re expected to use our own judgment, we fear our own inadequacies and the inadequacies of others.  We are reluctant to expect ourselves and our neighbours to make effective decisions.  And so, despite our desire for freedom, we crave the signage that John argues is making our roads less safe and our traffic-related deaths higher.  Strange.



November 27, 2007

Phil Cooke’s most recent blog about the latest ORU news is just… really good. Here are some of my favourite quotes (emphasis mine):

“…I think an even bigger event happened today. The culture of fear that has enveloped ORU for decades has been lifted. Now, the school is free to pursue its destiny. Professors, staff members, and students can feel free to have a voice in the future of the university without fear of retribution from the top. The day to day functions can move forward from an academic mindset, rather than a ministry mindset. I hope and believe that the school will remain true to it’s spiritual heritage and calling, and perhaps the events of today will help it more than we think.”

This is extremely important.  If he’s right, it absolutely does mean a new era at ORU, as the kids over at suggest.

And about Richard:

“I actually think today’s decisions will give Richard a freedom he’s never had to pursue his calling, rather than his father’s. At 60 years of age, perhaps we’ll now find out what Richard is really capable of from a ministry perspective, and in that, I hope he’ll do very well.

As Ryan noted, this jives with Richard’s prophecy.

Regarding a new president:

“I hope the Regents select a new president that has respected academic credentials, is a gifted fundraiser, understands people, is a strong leader, and most of all – has a compelling vision for the future of ORU. If that man or woman is out there – and I believe he or she is – then the future of Oral Roberts University is assured.”

We agree!  Good stuff Phil.