June 19, 2008

I once went into an Apple store solely to look at their bags.  As I strode through the center aisle of birch tables, at least 5 employees said hello to me.  I responded to the first and was so startled by the rest I failed to respond.  It would have been like a bad Three Stooges episode.  “Hi. Hello. Hey! Wassah!”

After spending 15 minutes looking at bags (with 2 employees asking if we needed help finding anything), I again passed through the hall of birch.  The same girl that had first said hello saw me and said, “Thanks,” I expected for her to continue with, “for coming in.”  But instead she continued with, “for saying hi to me.”  Hm.  Thanks for saying hi to me.  Sad comment on her life or the state of her apple store?  or passive aggressive attack for my reaction to being bombarded by salutations?