July 2, 2012


So more info about relaxin… I’ve learned that if you still have the “dark line” then you still have relaxin! Well my dark line is about 50% faded. It’s like a progress bar. I feel like a science experiment! Ah well. So I still have relaxin in my body! And I’m still having slight pains in that cartilage between my pubic bones. Also my ligaments are still sore. I’m hoping that once this “dark line” fades, then I’ll be better able to handle CrossFit etc.

I feel slightly more exhausted than before pregnancy. So still not up to par. I’m guessing that lack of sleep and possibly lack of calories has something to do with it? I’m still squishy (read: I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet) so I don’t know of lack of calories is really it. I’m still eating the same way I’ve eaten throughout my entire pregnancy (with slightly lower carbs); good animal fats and meats, good veggies, bone broth, fermented veggies, etc. I also just got some raw milk last week. Boy! was that a treat!


This week Olivia discovered her hands and her feet and she’s been totally delighted with them! She’s still not grasping things yet, but getting close! Her nighttime sleep has organized – she sleeps from about 10 pm until 5 am, wakes for a snack at 5 am and then sleeps more until about 8 am. I’m wondering when that 5 am wake will subside. We keep putting her to bed slightly early and slightly earlier and she keeps getting tired earlier and earlier. It seems that this dance is working! Day time naps show hints of organizing.

She is a super smiler! Very social! Loves to stare and smile at strangers! She’s also quite into any toy that has a face. She loves to talk and is constantly trying new noises.

What an amazing baby!!


Tuesday, June 26

Here’s the WOD:

  • 3 Rounds of: 50 Double Unders (3 min Cap per round);1 min rest between rounds
  • Jerk- 3/3/3  @65/75/85% 1rm
  • 12/9/6/3 RFT of: Jerk(155/105)/Ring Dip

Here’s what I did:

  • 3 rounds of 2mins of DUs: 24/21/20

These were the first DUs I’d done since stopping early in my pregnancy. In other words, it’s been 8 months since I’ve done them. I had a little trouble with my cartilage pain (sustained in labour) but I found that if I kept my feet together, then the cartilage didn’t hurt. The first round I did three singles then a double. The second two rounds I tried doing two singles and a double. It was much harder than I’d anticipated but I’m happy to have tried them again!

Also, holy boobs batman! I’d never done these with actual boobs, since mine were small to begin with. Now that they’re being used for their intended purpose, they’re a little bigger and they bounce!

  • Push Jerks: 3×45, 3×60, 3×70
  • 12/9/6/3 of push jerks & ring dips = 6:48

For the jerks I practiced push jerks since split jerks hurt because of my ligaments (from labour). My 1RM is 85 from March. I’m sure that I’ve gone down a little from being off for ten weeks, but it felt doable.

I did the first 12 with 55# but when I started the second set I felt like my arms were going to give out, so I removed the plates and just push jerked the 45# bar. I used the green band on the ring dips but I made sure to lock out at the top and get the full range of motion in.

Wednesday, June 27

Walked about half a mile, baby wearing.

Saturday, June 30

Here’s the WOD:

  • Row 3 min @ 90% RPE
  • 5 Minutes of: Snatch Practice
  • Isabel= 30 RFT of: Snatch(135/95;scale as needed)
  • 21/15/9 RFT of: HRPU/Pistols each leg
Here’s what I did…
  • WU: Row 3min => 696 m

My 500m avg was 2:09. Felt proud of that. Ave 29 spm.

  • Snatch Practice => 4×15, 4×35, 4×45, 3×55
  • Isabel at 55# => 3:57
  • 21-15-9 of HRPU / Pistols => DNF

I was finding the pushups hard on my knee (hurt it last Saturday). And the pistols were hard on my knee and my ligaments. Dang. I got thru 21 push-ups and 10 pistols each leg with the heavy band. Done. Sometimes it happens.


Here’s a photo from July 1st…

Dual Citizenship Baby says, “Happy Canada Day!”