This is a series on being a pregnant paleo/primal Crossfitter. I found out that I was pregnant in August 2011. My due date is in April 2012. I post each week about my Crossfit workouts, what I’m eating and various pregnancy symptoms. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it; but you can use my blog as research for your own prescription!

I recommend checking out a few other blogs of women who are paleo and pregnant, or crossfitting and pregnant or both! Here’s a few favs: One Fit Mom, Joyful Abode, and Fitness Editor Blog.


At 19 weeks, I’m getting Braxton Hicks contractions. Actually, I’ve been getting them for about four weeks now, but I didn’t know what they were until I talked to my midwife about them. No one tells you about the trifecta of 1) having to pee, 2) walking up a hill (from the subway to your apartment), and 3) having a Braxton Hicks contraction. I nearly soiled my maternity jeans!

Fatigue is still hitting around 9:30 pm. Nausea is long gone but heartburn-without-the-burn still occurs occasionally regardless of when I’ve eaten or how much. Sometimes it’s just there. Frequency of urination seems to have increased this week just a little bit more. Constipation continues. Boobies are slightly less tender this week. And… I don’t know what else, I forget. 😉

Most importantly, feeling the baby kick is amazing. Feeling the baby move around is weird like a sci-fi film, but still amazing. Watching my husband feel the baby kick is really amazing. 🙂


One day this week, I craved fried foods. I was leaving a meeting in Manhattan and tons of pizza shops and fried chicken places were wafting smells into the air. Then, once I got off the train in Brooklyn, I had to walk past a pastry plant. I was saying to myself, “I don’t know what I’m craving, but I’m definitely craving something junky!” My husband knew none of this when I got home and he said, “I’m going to fry some potatoes to go with dinner.” We fry our organic potatoes in a coconut oil and lard mix. No bad oils for us! Yum. It was the perfect compromise. I had it with pulled pork (no sauce) mixed with mustard and sauerkraut (still craving sour foods). I’m still taking Vitamin D, Enzymes and Probiotics as well as Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil capsules.


November 15, 2011

Here is the WOD:

  • 800 Meter Run @ 75% Intensity
  • Front Squat – 3/3/3 @75%1RM
  • 12 min AMRAP of: 3 Front Squats @ 75% 1Rm / 5 HSPU
  • 3 RNFT of: 10 each Pistols (advanced)
  • Standing Lateral Trunk Rotations – 10/10/10/10/10 (25/45)

Here’s what I did…

  • 800m run => 5:00

I’m getting slower. Blaming the baby. ;)

  • Front Squats: (3×35, 3×65) 3×75, 3×75, 3×75
These felt fine. I was nervous that I’d have to lower my weight but they were good. Seems I have better form on my front squats than on my back squats. Weird.
  • 12 min AMRAP: 3 Front Sq @ 35# / 5 Pike Push-ups => 8 rnds + 1

I did the pike push-ups with my toes on the ground and two ab-mats. I’m not going to risk falling off a box while I’m upside-down. ;)

  • 3 RNFT: 10 each leg pistols

I hate these. With all of me. I hate them more than goats. And spiders.

  • Standing Lateral Rotations: 25#

I was nervous about these possibly causing round ligament pain. But I was fine. They were easy.

No photos. But a fun workout!

November 21, 2011

Here’s the WOD:

  • 2 min max effort Double Unders; 2 min rest
  • 2 min max effort Row
  • 21/15/9 RFT of: K.B. High Pull(16/24kg)/ Toes To Bar
  • Clean and Jerk – 1/1/1 @ 65% 1RM, 1/1/ @ 75% 1RM,  1/1 @ 85% 1RM, 1/1 @ 95% 1RM, 1/1/1 @ 85% 1RM
  • Hip Extension- 15/15/15 NFT
  • 1 min HandStand Hold/1.5 min Ring Support Hold/2 min DeadHang/2.5 min Iso Air Squat/ 3 min Plank (5 Plyo Push Up penalty for every break in posture 30 rep cap); 90 seconds rest between postures

Here’s what I did!

  • 2 min max effort Versa Climber

Sooo… Because I don’t feel comfortable doing jump rope in general (bouncing my baby all around), Coach Iz suggested that I do the Versa Climber for 2 min instead. Ew. But it was a very reasonable swap in terms of heart rate and warm up.

  • 2 min max effort Row => 459 meters

Rowing is still easy for me. It was funny to see the shape of my belly change as I moved through the range of motion. Any other preggies notice that?

  • 21/15/9 KB High Pull / T2B => 3:44

I did the Rx weight on the KB and then did knee raises instead of T2B or K2E.

  • Clean & Jerks

65% was 1×55, 1×55, 1×55
75% was 1×65, 1×65
85% was 1×75, 1×75
95% was 1×80, 1×80
85% was 1×75, 1×75, 1×75

  • Hip Extensions => Good Mornings 15 / 15 / 15

My belly gets in the way on the GHDs (and when I move down enough to give my belly room, it HURTS my quads) so I did Good Mornings instead with the 45# bar.

All the ISO exercises were done with 90 secs instead of the increasing time. Jess was patient and kind to Yousef and me. I did the pike hold no problem. The ring hold was with a blue band for stabilization and a small box for support. I did the plank on my elbows.

After all this I did 15 / 15 / 15 “cat-cows” (aka pelvic tilts) and 25 scaled ring push ups (for my penalty). And then I stretched.


Here’s a photo!!


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