September 12, 2011

This is a series on being a pregnant paleo/primal Crossfitter. I found out that I was pregnant in August 2011. My due date is April 2012. I post each week about my Crossfit workouts, what I’m eating and various pregnancy symptoms. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it; but you can use my blog as research for your own prescription!

I recommend checking out a few other blogs of women who are paleo and pregnant, or crossfitting and pregnant or both! Here’s a few favs: One Fit MomJoyful Abode, and Fitness Editor Blog.

Pregnancy Symptoms

At 9 weeks, nausea is mostly steady with few good moments here and there. Fatigue seems to be steady. Constipation, sore breasts and vivid dreams continue. Nose is totally stuffed up; but smell is on super-woman strength mode.


Am still totally avoiding sweet things. Not that I ate much to begin with… But still, can’t stand to think about sweets. Weird. Still very thirsty. Water just isn’t cutting it!


September 5, 2011 – 9 Weeks

This was the WOD:

  • Karen- 150 Wall Ball (20/12)
  • Hang Clean- 3/3/3 Max Effort
  • Muscle Up- 10/10/10; 60-90 seconds rest

Here’s what I did:

  • Warm-up: 3 minute row, aproximately 500 meters
  • Karen – 150 Wall Ball (12#) => 13:35
  • Hang Squat Cleans – (3×35) 3×45, 3×55, 3×60
  • Muscle Up Progressions – pull-ups and dips, 3 x 10/10

I broke Karen up into 15 sets of 10 reps. Between each set, I checked my heart rate to ensure that I was keeping it around 140. If I got up to 160, I stopped and took a few breaths to allow it to come back down. In retrospect, I think I would have been fine, just to bust out the workout, finishing with a better time. But at least this way, I have LOADS of room for improvement. Ha!

September 9, 2011 – 9.5 Weeks

Here’s the WOD:

  • 5 RFT of: Run to Corner/5 K.B. Power Snatch Left arm (24/16kg)/Run to Corner/5 K.B. Power Snatch Right Arm (24/16kg)/Run to Corner/ 5 Burpee Box Jump
  • 7 RFT of: 7 DeadLift(225/135)/ 7 Strict Pull Up
Here’s what I did:
  • 5 RFT = 16:06

I used the 15# KB and 12″ box. And I ran inside (aprox same distance) because there was a guy outside smoking and my sense of smell is on hyper-sensitive mode. And it was hot. Landing on my stomach while doing burpees is starting to get mildly uncomfortable.

  • 7 RFT = 11:13

My DL weight was 95# and I used the heavy band on the pull-ups.

My heart rate crept up to 160 on the first two rounds of both RFTs and settled at about 140 for the remainder of each.

Still feels great to workout. But I usually take a nap in the afternoons on days that I do Crossfit! 😉

Other Notes