Carbs! Not fat!

So excited to see this in the news!!

Scientists now saying carbs, not fat, are to blame for America’s ills –


One Response to Carbs! Not fat!

  1. Nahuas Pinon says:

    Hi, found the article quite interesting too so I’m going to ramble on for a bit if you don’t mind. If you’re looking at this answer and you see it’s quite lengthy I wouldn’t blame you if you ignored it now, but sorry for all my enthusiasm I have to write.

    There’s a few positive points which not only they advocate a low carb diet, they actually in a sense glorify the Paleo Diet without really realising it. Here’s a quote “which evolution didn’t prepare us for” and I’m sure its self explanatory to you. Then there’s a direct connotation to the Paleolithic humans before the advent of agriculture; “humans were hunters and gatherers, eating animals and plants off the land.” This is all good and scientists are discovering new and innovative ideas all the time so I predict Paleo will go global once it becomes a plausible solution and all obstacle are overcome.

    One thing which I wasn’t really agreeing with was “If you have a perfectly healthy metabolism, the system works beautifully.” I’m 17 and I’ve always been slim; people tell me you don’t need a diet, but believe me I’ve shed a hell of a lot of that excess body fat which wouldn’t have been possible on my standard modern “balanced” diet (which was shocking even by government guidelines), so no I don’t really think your metabilism deals great with things no matter what your age, yet I’ll say that with age restricting carbohydrates becomes an even more critical factor.

    Another interesting idea to pick up on which I suppose is blatantly obvious to you is “almost everyone can avoid Type 2 diabetes.” Come on it’s time to stop blaming genetics.

    To put a downer on proceedings conventional wisdom was retold in classic style “most Americans need to reduce calories and increase activity.” Maybe it’s Barack Obama telling the rest of the US that this bloody Paleo thing is not going to work financially.

    Anyway stay tuned, as I think we’re starting to hear a lot more media coverage of the Paleo Diet.

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