Primal Challenge #2 and My Elimination Diet

from my nutella video

Primal Challenge #2

Remember last year?  I did this Primal Challenge hosted by Mark’s Daily Apple.  I took pictures of my groceries and made a video about my homemade nutella!  Well, Mark is at it again and since I’m on an elimination diet right now, it seemed rather easy to join in the Primal Challenge!

What’s the elimination diet?

Evidently, I’ve got some food allergies, according to my doctor.  So, after some crazy blood tests, I’ve eliminated about 45 different foods (from beef and egg to mustard and blueberries) for two weeks.  When the two weeks are up, I will bring them all back in, one at a time for two days at a time, to see which are the real offenders.  One of the big offenders was wheat and all it’s gluten grain cousins.  But that’s no big surprise.  All that said, since last year’s Primal Challenge, I’ve been eating pretty primal!  And I recently had some blood work done that confirms for me that it’s working.  I’m only young, but even I can see an improvement in my cholesterol numbers.  Yay!

But since I’m eating rather low carb anyway, and I’ve cut out gluten grains for this elimination diet, it’ll make this years Primal Challenge more like a celebration of eating fewer foods…  Er, or something like that.


2 Responses to Primal Challenge #2 and My Elimination Diet

  1. Deuce says:

    You can save yourself the hassle. Its the gluten and grains. Just ask anyone who has done this previously. Here in California where everyone is a self-proclaimed health guru, I know over a dozen people who have done this. Its ALWAYS the gluten.

    Gluten is filler. That’s it. It helps P&G, General Mills, or even the fancy brands get that extra loaf of bread, box of cereal, bag of chips (or whatever) by “extending” their product with gluten and grain fillers. This concept was stolen from the rubber industry who extend their rubber with soot from their furnaces, or whatever scrap rubber they sweep off the floor. If you are eating ANY processed grain-containing food, you can count on 5-10% of it being dead weight; that is gluten product with no nutritional value, just dead weight. This is why even people that think they are disciplined eaters, struggle to lose that last 5-10 pounds.

    My 42 year old female boss, did an elimination. No surprise Gluten and corn syrup were her villains. She eliminated them and despite being 6ft tall and seemingly not having an ounce to lose, she dropped 10 lbs and looks like a 20 year old.

    Don’t waste any more time searching for an obvious answer. Gluten and sugar are poison. Don’t kill the caveman, empower him!

  2. I’ll be shocked if it’s not gluten as well. I’ve been on reflux boards for 6 years with my baby business and it is always the glutens, corn or soy the baby reacts to. If it’s meat then it’s because the animals were fed grain, soy or corn. Isn’t it amazing what a huge percentage of most American’s (and especially small kids) diet’s is grain of some form? Sure it’s low fat but it’s making you fat!

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