Egg Troubles?

Many people have trouble figuring out what the labels mean on their egg cartons.  Which types of eggs should we buy?

  • Organic?
  • Free-range?
  • Cage-free?
  • Battery?

If you’re confused, check out this great article from

Fav quote:

The advantage to pasture-raised eggs is that the hens are able to eat a wide variety of the natural food of chickens — greens, grubs, etc. Not only do many people find these eggs to be much tastier, but there is accumulating evidence that the eggs from these hens have better nutritional profiles — less cholesterol, less fat but more healthy Omega-3 fat, and more of other nutrients such as Vitamin A, lutein, vitamin E, and beta-carotene.

Personally, I like to buy pasture-raised eggs.  But when I can’t get to the farmers’ market, I buy organic omega-3 eggs (humanely-raised, if possible).

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