Duncan Christopher World Premiere!!

Most of you know, in 2008 I was a Producer / Line Producer on a feature film that was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma called “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher.”  It’s a quirky comedy about the brutal underground world of competitive karaoke.  We were in post for most of 2009 and now we’re about to have our World Premiere at The Method Fest 2010 – a film festival devoted to the craft of acting and breakout performances in independent films. I’m super excited! And just a little nervous.

It’s my first film festival as a producer and I’m having lots of fun hanging with my fellow filmmakers, meeting new people, and seeing lots of films and amazing performances. After the festival is over, I’ll post photos and more about what the events were like. But now, I’ve got to rush out and get groceries! Not much time today! Our premiere is tonight!!

To keep you satiated, here’s a photo of a group of us at the Welcome Reception on Wednesday night.

From L to R: D.W. Stephens, Peter Bedgood, Lizz Carter, Marshall Bell, Heather Roberts, Justin Monroe, Gillian Fritzsche, Ryan Fritzsche, Jack Roberts. Photo Credit: Rhonnie Curt.


4 Responses to Duncan Christopher World Premiere!!

  1. Darren says:

    I suppose Google could answer this question for me, but what does a ‘Line Producer’ do that’s, say, different from just a ‘Producer’?

    • gilliebean says:

      A Producer is kind of like a CEO whereas a Line Producer is like a COO or a VP of Operations. And for reference, an Executive Producer is like the Chairman of the Board.

    • gilliebean says:

      An Executive Producer could also be represented by the shareholders. It depends on the project.

  2. Darren says:

    Ah, cool, thanks for explaining that.

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