The Sugar Alcohol Myth

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I were invited to have dinner with some delightfully genuinely lovely friends of ours.  We stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up bread as requested.  Because I like to consume my grain soaked, sprouted or fermented if possible, I chose the Trader Joe’s Sourdough Rye bread.  It’s made with real sourdough starter!  And I grabbed two “no sugar” chocolate bars to share for dessert.

No sugar?  Yeah, right!

We had a lovely meal with our friends.  Lots of laughter and encouragement.  She served melons for dessert and we shared the chocolate bars.  I took one of the wrappers home with me to see what made this chocolate bar so special.


Do you know what it is?  It’s a sugar alcohol!  A carb!  According to wiki, it “does not promote tooth decay and has a somewhat lesser effect on blood glucose.”  It comes from corn.  They sweetened my chocolate with sweet corn alcohol.  “Excessive consumption can have laxative effect and sometimes can cause gas and/or bloating.”  Check and check.  Finally, maltitol syrup has a glycemic index of 52, which is close to that of table sugar (60)!  This little substance will raise your insulin levels.  Just like sugar.  What good is it then?

So this Trader Joe’s No Sugar Chocolate Bar had it.  I’ve read that Slim-A-Bear Klondike Bars have it.  What else has it?

Beware the “no sugar” claims.  If it’s not aspartame, it could be something almost as bad!

Next time, I’ll stick with the fruit.


One Response to The Sugar Alcohol Myth

  1. I like the Lara Jocalat bars. They are made with dried fruit instead of sugar, so at least they are somewhat healthier and no chemicals or corn derivatives.

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