Dog Names, Not People Names

Got this from my Steep and Cheap Daily Dose:

From: “” <dosage>
Date: March 13, 2010 11:18:30 PM PST
Subject: Dog Names, Not People Names

It’s bad when you meet a person walking a dog, and then the next time you see them you know the dog’s name but not their name. It’s not uncommon to see a cute dog in the street and bend down to pet it and then asks its name. It’s fairly rare to follow-up with the owner and ask their name. Dog names are much easier to remember because they’re usually odder or more dynamic than human names, and on the rare day that you meet a dog named Josh, well, then that seems ever weirder so you remember it.

flosensing?z=aar0QLRYX0KZF0DfI promise I won’t keep posting these…  I just thought this one was so true!


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