The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli opens this weekend.  It premiered last night in Hollywood at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

I have a few friends who work at the company that produced it – Alcon Entertainment.  This company also produced the recently celebrated The Blind Side.

Here is an email from a friend with a few interesting links about this film!

Hi everyone,

Check out the link below to see a special clip of Denzel Washington talking about his character in Alcon’s next movie, The Book of Eli.

The Book of Eli is a rated R film, so it’s not suitable for families, but for those over 18 I hope you don’t miss this one.  This truly is a story about the hope that God’s Word brings to all.

Please feel free to pass along this link to any pastor or church leader you know.  Here is a link of a local youth pastor’s review:

Eli opens THIS WEEKEND!  Hope you can support such a wonderful message on opening weekend.

– Jessica

I’m really excited about this film.  Both for the obvious reason and for the color correction on the film.  I love the desaturated look!  Is that strange?

I hope those friends of mine who enjoy movies like these will go support it!


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