Back in December, I did too much activity in a short period of time and my body rebelled.

On a Thursday, I went to a free class at California Kickboxing in Pasadena.  They kicked my rear end.  I took a fall in the beginning of the class onto the mats, but I was fine and continued.  The instructor, Joseph, was amazing.  There was a moment when I was having trouble with some of the instruction that he was giving me and he said, “That’s because it’s new.  Forget that it’s new.”  It was like something clicked, a light went off, and I got it.  I stayed for about 75 minutes until I finally had to jet.

On Friday, everything hurt.

On the Saturday, I went to an indoor rock climbing gym, called Rockreation, with Tyler and Brian.  We started climbing at about 10 am and climbed until about 5 pm.  It was awesome.  My rear end still hurt from all the jumping squats I’d done on Thursday, but I gave it another good workout…  And while on Thursday my arms were mostly punching and striking, on Saturday they were pulling and pushing and quivering.  I shred my forearms to pieces.

On Saturday night, I was stiff as a board.  And I’d planned a long run for…

Sunday.  I had intended to run about 12 miles because I’m training for the LA Marathon and it was a long run day.  I wasn’t sure if running the whole thing would be the best for me, so I decided to punch it down to 9 miles.  So on Sunday, I found myself at the Rose Bowl, trotting three times around the 3.1 mile loop.  At about 6.2 miles, I realized my arms were in pain.  I had thought that my arms would be fine, because “after all, it’s only running!” but I was wrong.  I keep them bent at a 90′ angle the whole time and that was using my exhausted muscles!  I finished at a 13 minute per mile pace.  Slacker!  And made my way home.

Once I hit the home turf, I started feeling weak.  More weak than I usually feel after a long run.  Ryan and I went to church (our church meets in the evenings on Sunday), and during church I was nearly ready to pass out.  People told me I looked pale.  So instead of hanging out with everyone afterwards, we came straight home and Ryan made dinner.  I felt better after I ate but I still needed to sleep.  I was weak for another 48 hours while my body recovered.

What happened?  I’d pushed my body too hard and I was literally, actually, for reals exhausted.  No kidding right?  But I learned something.  I learned my limit and I think it’s a heckovah lot farther out than I would’ve guessed!  I also learned the value of a rest day between intense workouts.  Rest is part of improvement.  For some of us, that concept might be new.

Forget that it’s new.



3 Responses to FORGET THAT IT’S NEW

  1. RIco says:

    You forgot the steps:

    The body craves constant improvement.

  2. gilliebean says:

    Rico! You are so right! Rest, rinse and repeat! Thanks again for letting me use that free class coupon!

  3. Daddy says:

    Glad you are learning this sooner than I did. Love you Daddy

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