Recently I’ve been reading and learning about the primal/paleo “diets.”  I use the quotation marks because if you follow these eating plans, you can’t really call them diets.  You have to call them life-style changes.

Over at Mark’s Daily Apple, Mark Sisson has started a 30-day Primal Health Challenge.  Since I’ve been following his eating suggestions for several months now, I decided to try the Health Challenge.

My goal for the challenge is simple: to lower my body fat from 26% to 23%.

When I joined Weight Watchers in July 2007, I was about 41% body fat. Last year I ran a half-marathon (at 38% body fat). This year I competed in a reverse sprint triathlon (at 27% body fat).  I’m currently 26% body fat.

Let’s see if I can drop 3% points in 30 days!

Go to my Primal Challenge Journal to see my progress.



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  2. straydog01 says:

    Good luck with the last 3%…i follow MDA as well and lost 7% in 2 months. Mark’s awesome and wish I would have discovered primal living sooner. Take care and keep it up!

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