COFFEE HOUSE – Nicholasville, KY

May 17, 2009

I haven’t been here, but I found it online and I thought I’d highlight it as a place I’d like to visit.

Main and Maple Coffee House in Nicholasville, Kentucky

I’m admittedly a coffee-snob thanks to my training at Peets and as such I find it hard to recommend a place that doesn’t understand and serve good espresso and real fresh coffee.  However, I’ve read through this website and I think that aside from serving coffee (the basics) they just seem to be doing everything else right as a “coffee shop”.

Their mission is “to be a safe place for people from all walks of life to come and enjoy not only great food and drink, but also friendship and fellowship.”  What a great mission for a coffee place!  A safe place.  I like that.  If you scroll down even further on the main page you’ll see that they offer free wifi all the time!  I love them already.  And if I visit their establishment before 8 AM on Monday through Friday, I GET A FREE SCONE!  Are you kidding me?  They’re giving away pastries!  That’s insane!

I also love that customers can get a free fill of coffee on a specialty drink purchase.  I always thought that was something that coffee shops should be doing and I love that these people are doing it.

Just like a local LA coffee shop owner, Chuck Jones, who says “life’s too short for bad coffee”, the owner of this Nicholasville, KY coffee shop, a guy named Jim, says “life is too short to be difficult.”  I like that too.

A look at their drink selection suggests to the educated barista that they might not truly understand good espresso, but they seem to have a wide selection of syrups to satisfy the mid-westerners palate.  That’s nice.  And while they don’t serve loose-leaf, I do appreciate their tea selection.

And no great coffee shop would be complete without a great selection of breakfast items, tasty sandwiches and healthy wraps.  These guys even have flatbread pizzas!

Finally, they have live musicians every Friday and Saturday night.  They’re getting almost all As!

Now if only I could be sure that they don’t serve a dead shot.