I missed posting this in March.  So sorry!

Apparently, ORU has recieved their Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) accreditation!  Those following the news about the lawsuit since 2007 will know that this was a huge part of the problem at the time – that ORU had a history and a reputation for being massively non-transparent.  That ORU has recieved this accreditation, is a huge sign that things are certainly changing for the better under Mart’s leadership.

Thanks to the kids at SaveORU.com for the heads up!


  1. Both my wife and I were involuntarily relieved of our academic studies at O.R.U.—myself, about October 1995, and Sharri, from her educational doctoral studies the Fall of 2003, if memory serves me correctly. She has an earned Master’s Degree from our alma mater, from May 1998, in Public School Administration.Time won’t permit me to go through all the details at this point, but certain persons at the University let us down, at critical moments in our professional and personal lives. I would like you to read the following article, which I have publicly posted to my website, DARINSHARRIPAGES.ORG. Before you’re too taken aback, let me assure you that their names and certain details of what happened, are NOT INCLUDED in this story I have recounted.


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